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11 Practical Tips for Dropshipping to Europe

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Do you want to try dropshipping to Europe? Have you suspended these plans due to lack of some background knowledge? This article will focus on solving this problem.


For any dropshipping entrepreneur, the US market is an attractive pie. The US economy is the largest economy in the world, and most successful dropshipping stores have retail stores in the US. However, sometimes the competition to win American customers can be really fierce. In fact, except for the United States, the European market has been ignored. Maybe you have to reconsider the dropshipping business for sale. Below we will list you the most important things about dropshipping in Europe!


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1. Consider the Opportunity to Ship to Europe


Compared with the US market, there is a lack of sellers targeting Europe. This is not only related to dropshipping online store, but also related to offline stores. Nevertheless, this does not mean that the demand for these products will decrease. In fact, due to the lack of dropshipping suppliers, the price may even be higher. Therefore, although most entrepreneurs are focused on the United States, you can find another way to benefit from the European market.


2. Focus on One country at a Time


Marketing is essential to your dropshipping business. If you intend to resonate with customers through advertising, these advertising and promotional activities require you to understand the buying interest of the target audience and the traditions to follow from the inside out. It varies from person to person and from region to region.


Each country/region has its own main languages and specific history and traditions. It is difficult to propose a general marketing strategy for the entire EU.


3. Translate Website and Ads into Local Languages


The most English-speaking country in the European Union is Spain. In order to win more customers, you must use the customer’s native language in dropshipping sites and ads.


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4. Select a Local Domain Name


It is also very important to choose a good domain name for your dropshipping business. For small dropshipping stores for sale focusing on European countries/regions, it is best to choose some region-specific top-level domains. For example, for France, you can use the ".fr" domain, and for German, you can use the ".de" domain. These domains may be cheaper than ".com" and can attract the trust of local consumers.


5. Accept Local Currency


While shipping goods to Europe, you should strive to make your customers feel welcome when they visit your top dropshipping store. Therefore, your business process should accept local currency payments. It is well known that most EU countries use the Euro.


6. Research the Competition in Your Niche Market


It is understood that dozens of dropshipping entrepreneurs choose the United States as their source of customers. American consumers often receive the same offers from different online stores. Eventually they no longer pay attention to the content of the advertisement. You should always estimate the level of competition for the country you want to target.


7. Sometimes Advertising Costs May Be Lower


In some European countries/regions, the proportion of your advertising costs will be much lower than the quoted price in the United States. PPC is like an auction. You can set a budget for the amount paid per click. Other online entrepreneurs can do the same.


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8. Search for Direct Shipping Suppliers With Warehouses in Europe


The delivery time provided by suppliers for dropshipping will affect the mood of customers to a certain extent. If you choose a unique market segment, buyers may even wait 30 days. However, fast delivery will increase the number of customer views and transactions.


9. Look for Shipping Options with Tracking Codes


Most customers tend to be interested in the location of the package during transportation. So try not to choose surface mail without tracking code.


10. Provide Customer Support in Local Languages


The main daily tasks of customer service are to handle pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services. Customer service is the element that forms your reputation. So you need to hire a customer service staff who can speak the language of the region to provide customers with quality service.


11. Translation reviews


Your online store needs positive customer feedback. You only need to translate them into any language spoken by the audience.



The European dropshipping market has extraordinary potential. If you can seize the best opportunity for development, your dropshipping business will progress very smoothly.

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