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Analysis on the Development Prospect of Dropshipping Mode in China

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The Development Stage of Dropship Selling Mode in China

In view of the history of dropshipping, it is found that the development of dropshipping in any country has gone through the stages of germination, development, confusion, rectification, redevelopment and maturity.


It has been more than 20 years since dropshipping entered China in 1990. During this period, the development of dropship selling in China has experienced three stages: the initial stage, the transformation stage and the standardized development stage. According to the data of iimedia research, the number of dropshipping enterprises in China increased to 86 in 2017. In 2015, the growth rate of dropshipping enterprises was the highest, reaching 35%. After that, the growth of enterprises gradually slowed down




Forecast and Analysis of the Development of Dropshipping Mode in China

Although there are many problems in the enterprise internal factors that bind the development of dropship selling mode in China, we believe those problems will be solved gradually with the growth of enterprises. In the long run, the dropship selling mode in China is very optimistic because of the diffusion effect of direct selling legislation, the rapid and stable development of the economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards. Whats more, the innovation of marketing mode have opened up new space for the progress of dropshipping business for sale.


Therefore, it is believed that the future development of dropshipping in China will present a new situation and characteristics. The main points are as follows:


First, more industries will join the field of dropshipping market. In the past, the products dropshipping sales were mainly health food, health equipment, personal care products, daily necessities and so on, which still occupy a large share today. But now there are a lot of dropshipping suppliers that provide dropshipping services and virtual products for consumers. It can be predicted that in the future, more industries and more products and services will come to us in the form of dropshipping sales.


Second, the dropship selling mode will accelerate the speed of compound development. When the disadvantages of the traditional dropship selling operation mode become more and more obvious, a new network dropshipping marketing emerges as the times require.


Third, the dropship field will increase the intensity of integrated marketing. In the future, dropship selling will focus on the integration of all strength to maximize their own advantages. For example, more efforts will be made to spread the information. Besides, dropshipping entrepreneurs can increase the integration of product interests in the product strategy and implement joint competition. Dropshipping suppliers compete with other types of marketing organizations and make use of the strengths of others to make up for their own defects. So joint competition may be the strategy of future market competition.


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