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Are You Fed up with Dropshipping's IP Violations?

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Intellectual property infringement will definitely affect the normal operation of your dropshipping websites for both novice and experienced sellers. Normally, this action will cause ASIN or store account suspension, which may take several weeks to resolve. During these few weeks, you cannot process real-time emails from customers or  provide customers with quality services within the validity period. Even if you own a top shopify dropshipping store, your reputation may plummet. You have to know that upgrading a store's level is very time-consuming and energy-consuming.


For example, if you dropship baby products in an online store, and the buyer is not satisfied with the goods received. If the seller does not receive timely feedback, the buyer is likely to give a negative evaluation. There is no warning signal to tell sellers whether they are listed on high-risk brands.


The product is the core for dropshipping. However, the products of dropshipping companies cannot be flooded. The six categories of direct selling products must be put in the specified product categories. You can't include a product in your direct sales just because it is more profitable and easier to develop. Only high-quality dropshipping products will be welcomed for a long time. At the same time, R&D supervision and product trial testing must be conducted to prevent product defects. Once the product has defects or other problems, it may have a very harmful effect on the development of the direct selling company.


Are You Fed up with Dropshipping's IP Violations?

Once your ASIN is inaccessible, the loss to your dropshipping online store is unpredictable. IP Alerts provides a service to monitor your list and promptly remind you when any of your ASINs are marked as high risk.


Sellers receiving IP notifications will usually suspend their ASINs and accounts for repeated violations. Once you receive a warning that your ASIN has been marked as high risk, you can take measures. If you have a license to sell this item, then make sure you are ready to send it to Amazon when needed. If you do not have permission, you may need to delete the list. If the product you list is the most profitable dropshipping products in the shop, deleting the link will cause a fatal blow to the shop.


Are You Fed up with Dropshipping's IP Violations?

The IP Alert monitors and protects your account in real time, preventing the suspension of ASIN and your account. After automatically receiving the alert, it will inform you which products are at risk in time and lay the foundation for you to do the next step.


Before conducting dropshipping, a company must first thoroughly study the needs of customers rather than competitors, and seize the market by segmenting it and providing heterogeneous products. Secondly, you must increase the tentacles of winning products dropshipping and maintain interaction with customers such as online direct sales, e-commerce, DIY order acceptance, telephone direct sales, etc. In addition, there must be a scientific method of managing the direct sales team to ensure the efficient operation. The team will learn about the success of top 10 dropshipping websites and dropshipping sites, analyzing the best-selling top dropshipping products.

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