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CBD Products -- New Favorite of Dropshipping Business

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Since 2017, the boom of dropship selling of CBD products has become an unprecedented craze in the supplement industry. In Europe and America, especially in North America, more and more attention has been paid to the direct sales of CBD health and beauty products. Many international drop shipping companies have developed and introduced CBD products. The new drop shipping companies are aiming at CBD products as their core products to develop the wholesalers market.


The CBD craze has also infected some Chinese drop shipping companies. The boss of a domestic direct selling company wants to start the CBD market development in Thailand where marijuana is legalized. Some wholesale products dropshippers want to introduce CBD products in North America and set up a direct selling board on the spot to develop international market. It can be seen that this huge CBD market has a strong attraction to the direct selling enterprises. So let's take a closer look at this agitation.



CBD products

What is CBD?

CBD is a hemp extract called cannabinol. When it comes to marijuana, we all know that it is a drug banned by China and many countries. But what most people don't know is that marijuana is a generic term for marijuana, which contains both drug and non-drug ingredients. The drug ingredient is called THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), and the non-drug ingredient is called CBD (cannabinol).


All marijuana contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabinol (CBD). The type of marijuana depends on the content of THC. THC has a certain spiritual activity and is classified as "narcotic" or "drug" by the United Nations Convention.



CBD products

CBD Market Analysis

The legalization of marijuana in the world continues to advance, and CBD has broad growth potential. In recent two years, the legalization of marijuana has been gradually liberalized in many countries, mainly in medical and research fields. In 2017, marijuana extract drugs were legal in Germany. In October 2018, the legalization of recreational marijuana (drugs) in Canada has directly impacted the world's awareness of marijuana, and Canada has become the second country in the world to legalize marijuana. This greatly improves the interests of dropshipping suppliers and wholesale distributors.


CBD products are rich and the market growth is fast. Developed countries in Europe and the United States have related terminal products (drugs, health products, cosmetics) in the dropshipping market. According to statistics, about 23% of users in the United States spend $21-50 a month to buy CBD products. With the legalization of CBD in the United States, CBD has a brighter future. According to Cowen, an investment research firm, retail sales of dropship health and beauty products in CBD in the United States are estimated to be between $600 million and $2 billion in 2018.



The Influence of CBD on Chinese Dropshipping Enterprises

The benefits of CBD are really exciting. However, marijuana, as a source of drugs in China, has always been a strictly regulated product. At present, it is not allowed to produce high quality dropshipping products containing CBD in China, nor is it allowed to introduce foreign health products and cosmetics containing CBD into the Chinese market through import.


Although "hemp ingredients" products have not yet become popular among Chinese dropshipping sites, CBD has attracted more and more attention of cosmetic engineers and consumers because of its unique advantages. At the same time, the government will gradually open up according to the opening of CBD in various countries. In the future, when talking about marijuana, domestic consumers will have a more rational and scientific understanding of marijuana and its functions. 

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