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Can You Produce Your Own Products with Dropshipping?

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Dropshipping is a very good marketing method, but can it enable you to achieve your business goals? One of the most common problems in developing a successful online store is whether or when to switch from printing on demand and other moy fashion dropshipping modes to manufacturing your own products. While thinking about the problems when to start manufacturing your own trending products for dropshipping or whether you should do this, you need to start consider the advantages and disadvantages of each product procurement and e-commerce business model. Here we will introduce two different types of e-commerce product procurement.


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If you run a stripe atlas dropshipping e-commerce company, you may want to brand your products and stores uniquely. When you start your website, this business model can enable you to run lean business as soon as possible. The dropshipping business model transfers all oberlo order fulfillment and logistics to a third party, which can save time, energy and money by reducing the need for coordinated manufacturing, storage and travel products. This dropshipping business model is very limited in the growth of e-commerce. If you directly cooperate with suppliers, you can give yourself more time and space to create.


The advantage of woocommerce amazon dropship transportation is that it can provide more products without paying and storing products in advance, which makes your stores have a wider variety of products, less start-up costs and inventory management needs. Maritime transportation provides lower e-commerce risks. Because you don't need to pay any upfront production costs before testing the market, and with the third-party processing and fulfillment, you can concentrate on simplifying sales without more logistics experience. For some newcomers with limited budgets, amazon to amazon dropshipping is a low-cost choice, and dropshipping allows stores to expand product categories and product lists.


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The disadvantages of dropshipping are mainly limited financial and brand growth potential, so it is difficult to build a strong and profitable brand. Generally speaking, the profit margin of dropshipping online store is lower than that of enterprises that produce their own products. Because the profit is relatively low, you have less investment in your own store. Therefore, only by selling more products can your store keep a balance of payments. Because the entry threshold for google shopping dropshipping is relatively low, the competition is much fierce. Moreover, you need to hand over your inventory, logistics and performance to a third party, which makes you have no complete control over your products and it is difficult to build brand loyalty.



Private Labeling

A popular choice for private labeling of e-commerce brands to maximize growth is the place where you design products but need to send specifications to third-party manufacturers. That is to say, you can obtain independent manufacturing without manufacturing products internally.


The biggest advantage of this model is that your product profit rate is much higher than other model such as eco-friendly drop shipping. Moreover, you have more flexibility in designing. Private labeling provide e-commerce sellers with more competitive product prices, so they will be mass-produced and ordered, and they will gain more e-commerce brand loyalty. Moreover, because you are not investing in your own equipment, you can quickly adapt to market changes and easily expand or reduce the scale.


oberlo order fulfillment

The disadvantage of private labeling is that they are not lean in product investment. Because you rely on third-party enterprises, it is better to choose more manufacturers. Moreover, this business model has much more capital investment than amazon dropshipping program.



Manufacturing your own products can indeed provide more profits for e-commerce brands, but it takes a lot of time and money. Therefore, you must clearly know the direction of your business.

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