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Do You Know How to Do Dropshipping?

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We often talk about dropshipping mode. However, do you know how to do e-commerce drop shipping? And how to deal with orders? Can you do direct dropshipping by yourself? In this article, we will talk about it. If you want to do cross-border drop shipping,hope that the contents in the article are helpful for you.


First of all, selection is the key. No matter what platform you use, product selection is the top priority, and drop shipping model is also not exception. If you do want to do dropshipping and want to be a free drop shopper, in addition to choosing the right product, the picture vision must also be guaranteed, and the logistics must be stable and fast. Of course, drop shipping products can choose vertical categories to maximize customer needs. 


drop shipping mode

Secondly, open the dropshipping+shopify mode to establish an intermediary for customers to place orders. In order to get more orders with the help of dropshipping, sellers must first have an intermediary for customers to place orders. Here there is a tool for self-built stations to recommend you, which is shopify. Here we will take shopify for instance to tell you how to do dropshipping on website.


Sellers can create a web page on shopify, which is equivalent to a shop on Ali Express. After registering by email, the seller fills in the billing address. It is better to fill in a US address, because shopify has many functions that are only open to US identities. After the address is filled in, you can enter the back end of shopify. In fact, the back end of shopify has something in common with back ends such as Ali Express and Amazon. It also has functions such as order management, discount management, product and customer management. The special thing is that shopify has an APP management. On the homepage of shopify, there will be a data overview and some tips for optimizing the shop, as well as some articles on learning how to use shopify, which is the knowledge of professional cross-border e-commerce training.



Shopify's sales channels also cover a wide range. In addition to adding products to Amazon and eBay, you can also add store tags to social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. On Instagram, sellers can directly tag products through posts and sell products on it to create a seamless shopping experience for customers. But in Shopify's online mall, sellers can create their own web pages according to their preferences. There are free and paid theme templates. Domain name sellers can purchase new domain names or bind existing domain names.


In the general settings, you can set the name, store address, store settlement currency, tax and other information. Taxation should be set in different countries according to different situations, and generally speaking, no tax is collected. Although Shopify has its own payment method, the threshold is high. The mainstream payment channels include checkout, stripe, and PayPal, but sellers generally choose to use PayPal.



Now, do you have a certain understanding of dropshipping? If you have any other questions, please feel free to consult us.

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