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Do You Know the Best Shopify Themes for Dropshipping in 2020?

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the Best Shopify Themes for Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a great way to make money online without using your own products. Through site de dropshipping, you will sell products from third-party stores at the price you set.


Compared with the traditional e-commerce industry, dropshipping companies have a soft spot for direct sales on the Internet. The most important reason why direct selling companies are keen to operate direct sales on the Internet is that these companies have a large number of ready-made members, which can completely solve the problem of member data most needed by e-commerce websites at the beginning. The Internet has built a bridge between dropshipping suppliers and dropshipping companies, as well as sellers and buyers.


You can easily create your own direct sales store with Shopify. In this article, we will learn about the best Shopify themes in 2020. Online dropshipping business for sale is all the rage, can you seize this opportunity?


If you are looking for the best Shopify themes for direct sales stores, then Envato Elements and ThemeForest are the best two choices. Both provide hundreds of Shopify themes. You can purchase each theme separately and customize it according to your needs. These themes can be used for starting a dropshipping business.


the Best Shopify Themes for Dropshipping

1. Big Sale

Big Sale is a multi-purpose of direct marketing theme in shopify. This theme can be used in any type of shopify dropshipping stores. The theme also includes product filters, giant menus, product quick viewing and other functions. With Visual Builder, you can easily customize the theme by yourself.



2. Planet Tech Store

This theme is suitable for dropshipping ecommerce business with direct shipping. If you want to create a successful dropshipping store to sell high-tech products such as drones, then Planet Tech Store is a great theme. Its page has a stylish design and can display the most popular products or product categories prominently on the homepage.


the Best Shopify Themes for Dropshipping

3. Mega Store

Mega Store is a theme dedicated to the supermarket e-commerce shopify. You can use it in a variety of direct sales stores, including fresh products, technology products and all kinds of wholesale dropship cosmetics. It combines all the necessary functions required by a direct store to provide your customers with the best user experience. You can very clearly mark which products are new, hot and special.


4. Arthur

Arthur is a minimal, clean and beautiful dropshipping shopify website theme. Its appearance and experience are very good in mobile phones, PCs and desktops. The main function of the Arthur theme is to support smart filtering, dynamic checkout, advanced variant color palette, pop-up login, etc.




In addition to the above useful themes that can be searched in Envato Elements, ThemeForest also has hundreds of Shopify themes, including dropshipping themes for shopify. The themes in this list also have stylish designs and integrate with direct selling sites such as Oberlo and AliExpress.


The dropshipping theme is built on the basis of considering fashion stores. There are more than 20 different presentations to choose from in Gecko themes. With reference to these themes, you can easily and quickly import hundreds of products into your store and start selling.

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