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The business model of ebay to amazon dropshipping has two great advantages, one is that you can run your business anywhere, the other is that you can start your shop with minimal investment. Moreover, it is a way to sell top trending dropshipping products, and you don't need to carry any inventory. You only need to find a manufacturer or supplier to get legal business with minimal start-up cost.


shopify dropshipping websites

After receiving the order, you have to send the customer's order to the supplier, then the supplier will send the oberlo best selling products directly to the customer. So even if you are the seller, you can hardly see the product, and the remaining profit between the supplier's product cost and the fee to be charged to the customer will belong to you.


Let's take a simple example to deeply explore the direct advantages of dropshipping. First, if you want to sell ukuleles in your physical store, you might buy some ukuleles and then open a store and look for customers. But if your sales are not good, you not only have to close the store, but also leave a lot of inventory that can't be handled. However, you can use the automated amazon dropshipping mode now. When a customer orders a ukulele in 100 dollars from your store, Then you only need to send this order to the supplier, and the supplier will charge you the cost of ukulele in 45 dollars plus the freight of 5 dollars, and send this most popular dropshipping products to the customer. After the customer receives ukulele and confirms the receipt, you will earn 50 dollars.



How to Starting Dropshipping

Step 1 – You must register for an EIN.

Step 2 – Try you best to study potential dropshipping top products and niches.

Step 3 – After comparing all kinds of products, you should try to choose the product category that not only has sales potential but also conforms to your own aesthetic.

Step 4 –You need to consider the dropshipping supplier you want to cooperate in all aspects to ensure the qualification and credibility of the other party.

Step 5 – After completing all the above steps, you can officially open your online store for profit.


shopify dropshipping websites


How to Succeed in Dropshipping?

(1)Choose the Right Product

Choosing the right product for sale is a complicated process, because you have a lot of things to weigh, and you also need a lot of study and research. First, the most important part is to study keywords. For example, if you want to sell dropship health and beauty products, you need to know what keywords other people will enter in the search engine to get this product. Finding the right keywords can make your shopify dropshipping websites rank higher in the search engine. Learning this knowledge will benefit you in many businesses. Of course, you can also use the help of some applications or keyword planners.


shopify dropshipping websites

(2)Cooperate with Good Suppliers

A reliable supplier can have a great impact on your dropshipping store. Surprisingly, some people even imagined that they could cooperate with the best free drop shipping suppliers. How is this possible? You can choose from many dropshipping suppliers through the prequalified wholesaler catalogue. Of course, this service costs money, but many people are using this service now.


Due to the widespread popularity of this form, most dropshipping products are relatively repetitive, so it is more difficult for shopkeepers whose business scope is in the United States to find a unique dropshipping american product. Of course, you can also find and select suppliers by yourself, which requires you to find their contact details and understand a series of information such as their working methods and expenses.



Products and suppliers are the two most important links in the entire drop shipping business. If you want to be successful in this market trend, please follow the correct steps.

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