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Dropshipping Skills Unknown to 99% of Cross Border E-commerce Practitioners

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With the rapid development of computer network technology, the market competition becomes more and more intense. Due to the existence of other sales methods, it is difficult for dropshipping general stores to stand out in the competition. The primary goal of metaphysical dropshippers is to make consumers trust their stores, otherwise they will shop elsewhere. In recent years, the rapid development of Internet plus has brought new opportunities to the dropshipping industry. But it also brought new impacts to the dropshipping industry. So, how to build trust with consumers for the new dropshipper?


The easiest way to build trust with consumers is to show social proof. If you're just starting a dropshipping business, it's important to do such thing. Once you've identified the best product, the first step is to build a fully functional website for dropshipping and edit the complete product description; the second step is to add social proof to build trust.



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What Is Dropshipping Social Proof?

It is the key for early potential users to purchase high quality dropshipping products from your mall. As the name suggests, it is the way that shoppers will change or adapt to their behavior based on the behavior information of others.



Examples of Social Proof

For example, if you find a new store whose business is very hot, and there are a lot of people waiting in line to buy every day, would you like to try it? Or, if your friend recommends you a meaningful fitness course, are you excited? Both are typical examples of how social proof promotes people's consumption. Of course, it can also be applied to your dropshipping online stores.


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Create Online Social Proof

We can't interact directly with shoppers online, but it's possible to display social proof data! You can prove it by adding social networking to the mall. For example, you can show the number of people currently browsing the popular dropshipping stores or display the latest sales of goods through a pop-up window. These two tips can quickly build trust with your customers, and you can try them quickly!



Use Social Proof to Build Trust

To win the trust of customers is an important goal of successful dropshippers. Once you gain the trust of consumers, the products and services sold will promote sales and improve the conversion rate. Therefore, you must show consumers some practical reasons to persuade them to buy from you rather than from others. At this time, add the following content to your dropshipping stores:

1. Comment and recommend

2. Photo and video reviews of consumers

3. Counter and social information



Other issues

There are other issues to consider when trying to build trust with consumers. You need to make sure your dropshipping shopify store meets the following conditions.

1. It will not have unforgivable problems.

2. It has the latest and modern design.

3. It can compatible with desktop and mobile devices.

4. The interactive experience is very good.

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