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Exploration of TikTok Dropshipping Mode

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With the popularity of TikTok, a large number of trendy dropshippers rush in to compete for fans resources. After TikTok announced to add the shopping cart function, it has attracted the attention of all cross-border holistic dropshippers. No one dares to underestimate TikTok's powder absorption potential with goods. 



TikTok has been launched for nearly two years, and is still one of the most popular Apps in the world. Although it was fined and restricted by the Federal Trade Commission for a time, it is difficult to cover up the hot situation of TikTok.


According to the latest report released by Sensor Tower, TikTok has been downloaded more than 1.5 billion times from App store and Google play. It's in the first tier with the hottest Youtube, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger. In addition to getting more new users than Instagram, TikTok has won the attention of luxury dropshipping suppliers. This trend is likely to continue and will affect the entire $1.7 billion ins KOL marketing and dropship online shops.



How To Do TikTok Well?

1. Understand TikTok Core Algorithm

TikTok will provide each video with a flow pool. Through the feedback of this flow pool, we can decide whether to put the content into a larger flow pool. In short, we should try our best to make the video have outstanding performance.


2. Do A Good Job in Vertical Video Content

The core of TikTok is high-quality video content. The more creative and interesting the video content is, the more it can guide users to share. TikTok will push accurate video content according to users' preferences, so that users will always see the content they like. Therefore, if you want to enter a large stream pool, you need to do a good job of video content in the vertical field.



Changes after TikTok Added Shopping Cart

1. TikTok Opens the Door of Social E-commerce

The core of social e-commerce is to socialize before e-commerce. In the past, e-commerce relied on traffic to generate sales, but TikTok broke this rule. It can accurately put advertisements in front of users according to their gender, age, region, hobbies and other user portraits. Through the explosive visual effect, it triggered users to place a drop shipped order, which greatly improved the operation efficiency of social e-commerce. The playing method of social e-commerce greatly saves the operation and promotion cost. And it brings great convenience for the big dropshipping stores to prepare goods.


2. TikTok Makes General Dropshipping Stores Have High Profit

The living space of general dropshipping stores will only be more and more squeezed because of the big platforms like Amazon. TikTok's decentralized algorithm fully gives wholesale distributors the possibility to have high profit. As long as they do a good job in video content, they can still absorb users quickly and promote product sales.

Start Early

Tiktok has so many users that a large amount of traffic will inevitably form potential purchasing power, which also provides a good opportunity for Chinese dropshippers. As dividends run out, it becomes more and more difficult and costly to maintain a new number. Therefore, it is very important to start early for dropshipping wholesalers.

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