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Five Things You Must Know before You Start Dropshipping

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If you want your dropshipping store to make considerable profits, the following issues need to be considered.


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Check the Shipping Days First

This is one of the most important things before you start best dropshipping websites. Many novices will write "global" shipping on the product page and send the products everywhere, because they know that most sellers will do the same. However,as a noviceit doesn't mean you should do the same. Why? Because shipping to some countries will have many problems to deal with.


For example, it takes a long time to ship to England. It takes 20-40 days for the hot dropshipping products to arrive. By contrast, it takes only 10-20 days to ship to America by international parcel. We strongly recommend that novice sellers put their efforts in countries where the delivery time is within 2-3 weeks so that there will be no customer service problems. Other countries, such as Italy or Spain, have very strict customs and may detain the products for 2-4 weeks. Before the goods are delivered to your customers, they are already furious, and it is impossible to buy any more goods from your top dropshipping shopify stores.


dropshipping websites


Describe Clearly of the Delivery Days

We suggest you add a dropshipping disclaimer in the following places:


1.Product description page

2.Checkout page

3.Transaction success confirmation email


In this way, you can ensure that your buyers are aware of the situation and will not ask for a return or leave negative comments.



Create a Tough Refund Policy Page

Establish a refund policy page and clearly state that you only accept defective/damaged dropshipping branded products. It is also in line with the general industry standard to require customers to pay the freight and send the returned goods back. Remember to add a link to this page in your free dropshipping store footnote.



dropshipping websites

Establish a Series of After-sales E-mails

Don't just use the customer's email address as a channel for sending product newsletters to promote products-otherwise you will annoy them and possibly make them cancel their subscription. You can send after-sales emails to make customers happy while waiting for the best selling dropshipping products to arrive. Before the goods arrive, you can send 3-4 after-sales emails. The following are the contents you should write:


1.Remind them that they knew and agreed that the delivery time was as long as 2-4 weeks when they bought the most profitable dropshipping products.

2.Tell them to contact you by email if they have any problems.

3.Remind them to be able to track the order progress on the top dropshipping websites and attach a tracking link.


If you don't know whether you should send letters to customers, please keep this principle in mind: It is the best policy to try not to disturb your customers.



Put More Than 20 Products on the Shelves in the Store

Don't be impatient or start advertising after putting on a few items. This will make your best dropshipping stores look like a semi-finished product and cause customers to feel that you are not trustworthy,making you lose the trust of potential customers.


Besides, the more items in your store, the better chance potential buyers will find their favorite top dropshipping products. Therefore, you must put enough products on shelves before advertising goods are tested.



The above factors can well help you avoid some risks and operate your dropshipping stores in the best condition.

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