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Four Questions about Drop-ship Supplier

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Selling items through dropshipping suppliers on the Internet is a very fast and economical way to start drop shipping companies. Like other industries, you need to conduct a very detailed survey of suppliers. Your challenge is to recognize some fake suppliers, no matter whether you are a novice or a veteran in e-commerce, there are some questions to ask before using oberlo verified suppliers.



Are You a Manufacture, Wholesaler or Middlemen?

Before you start shipping, you must understand these three terms. The first one is manufacturer, who is a person or company that manufactures products. In dropshipping, manufacturers can offer the best price. Maybe they can recommend you to their wholesalers. The second one is wholesalers who buy best dropshipping products in batches from manufacturers and sell them to retailers at higher prices. Wholesalers generally have lots of different brands of products in stock and also have their own warehouses. You'd better find a reliable wholesaler. And the third is a middleman. There are many fake shopify dropshipping stores on the Internet. They call themselves suppliers, but they only buy goods from wholesalers and then sell them to retailers at higher prices. Most of them have no inventory or investment, but only publicize the goods obtained from wholesalers.



top dropshipping stores

What Are Your Top Selling Items?

When you choose a supplier, there are many signals that warn you to stay away from fake suppliers, but your biggest challenge is the lack of high-quality products. If best dropshipping suppliers does not focus on making more customers buy products, but fully investing in the construction of a few people or websites, it may be a dangerous signal. The foundation of a good dropshipping company is to provide products to the final consumers. Although salesmen are one part of them, their income is based on commodities, instead of recruiting. When choosing shopify dropshipping suppliers, you need to ask them to provide a list of the best-selling goods which can let you know the expertise and advantages of suppliers. Some fake middlemen and suppliers are unwilling to let you check their best-selling products, so you should pay attention to these problems.



Do You Offer Product Samples?

Consumers attach great importance to high-quality dropship direct products. If you sell high-quality goods, these consumers are likely to buy goods from you for a long time. Therefore, in order to avoid selling poor-quality products, you should ask dropshipping suppliers for some samples of products so that you can truly feel the quality of products. According to some observations, many fake suppliers who sell fake products are never willing to provide samples to others. Or they will provide you with high-quality samples with dropshipping winning products , but then they sell consumers with poor quality products, so you should carefully check the quality of products before choosing suppliers or after cooperating with suppliers.


top dropshipping stores


What's Your shipping Lead Time?

At present, same-day shipping has become more and more common, so you'd better negotiate with suppliers for the shipping lead time. If your top dropshipping stores can't provide the same-day shipping service, you should also make sure that you know the days when suppliers can deliver goods. You must explain this when choosing free dropshipping suppliers. When customers purchase online, delivery cycle is one of the most important factors. If your supplier can't deliver goods within a certain time, then you will be defeated by many competitors.



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