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Guidelines for Handling Overseas Consignment Returns

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If domestic customers are not satisfied with the product, they can apply for return and refund in accordance with the website return process. But when you directly consign the goods and send the goods directly from the dropshipping supplier to the customer, how to deal with this kind of return? Returns are not happy for any participating party. However, handling this business is a must-have skill for dropshipping store owners. Properly handling returns may allow dissatisfied customers to give neutral or even positive reviews. When looking at the return process, there are two areas to focus on: how to prepare before the return occurs, and how to deal with it when it occurs.


As a qualified store, you should clearly list the suppliers for dropshipping return policy on the store page, create a return policy to match your supplier, return process, common return reasons and solutions.


Although online shopping has almost become the norm, there are still different factors that affect customers' purchasing decisions.


In fact, 49% of customers said that they would actively check the return policy before purchasing, and if they did not meet their expectations, they would not buy. Next, we will talk about how suppliers or dropshopping owners improve the return process.



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Ready to Return

Even before starting a dropshipping business, you should have a full understanding of the supplier and its policies. If the product dropshipping store opens, please ensure that the relevant policies are up to date.


Supplier's Return Policy

Each fast dropshipping supplier has a different policy, so it is necessary for the store to always follow up their policy. Since suppliers ship products directly to your customers, their policies will directly affect customer experience. You need to understand their return policy, such as purchase fees, processing time for return after sale, whether the customer (or you) must pay the return shipping fee, whether the supplier accepts the return of the wrong order, and how the supplier handles the entire return process.


dropshipping membership sites

E-commerce retailers should abandon the idea that a return policy will only hurt their profits. The truth is that while establishing the right process for your business model, you should also provide a frictionless experience, because it is a great way to build trust with customers. 92% of customers who are satisfied with the return process stated that they are more likely to buy again, which will ultimately increase the customer's lifetime value.



Turn Returns into a Good Shopping Experience for Buyers

Not all customers will be satisfied with your good dropshipping products. However, if you cannot solve this problem by providing a seamless return process, you will quickly get a bad review. A lot of bad reviews will affect the level of your store. The store level is likely to be directly changed from top dropshipping stores and popular dropshipping stores to low dropshipping stores.


Here are some tips on how to turn a bad return process into a positive experience.


1. Add a Return Label to the Product Package


To save time in processing returns, you can consider packaging the return label with the product. This may make you think that what you send out may be returned, but this is not the case. If the product does not meet customer expectations, what you do is provide them with a conflict-free experience.


2. Avoid Asking for Additional Fees


Do you think that part of the lost profits can be recovered by charging replenishment fees? In fact, these expenses leave a bad impression on people, and the cost to enterprises is far greater than their income. Research shows that 79% of customers who are charged for these fees will no longer buy. Returns should be included in operating costs, and the return rate should be minimized by setting correct expectations for customers.


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3. Speed up the Return Process


When you receive a customer's return request, it is best to start processing as soon as possible.


4. Inform Customers of the Status of the Return


You need to provide customers with tracking information or automatically send emails to inform them that the return has arrived at your warehouse and let them know the status and progress of the return.


5. Don't Hide the Return Policy


Be sure to display return instructions in your dropshipping membership sites or product descriptions.



Returns are bound to happen, so be sure to use this opportunity to show your customers that they are important to you.

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