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How Can e-commerce in Southeast Asia Win the Next Wave of Shoppers?

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In the vast expedition of cross-border sellers, Southeast Asia has become a hotly contested place. In 2018, the e-commerce sector became one of the fastest growing industries in Southeast Asia. Since 2015, the total scale of the three major e-commerce platforms Lazada, Shopee and Tokopedia has increased by more than 7 times, far surpassing other players in the industry. In other words, e-commerce platform is a bridge between buyers and dropshipping suppliers for shopify. 


Professionals pointed out that the growing middle-class population is one of the main reasons why the e-commerce market in Southeast Asia is so popular. In addition, the growing population of young people and Internet penetration in Southeast Asia is also one of the main driving forces for the soaring online shopping sales in the region.


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It is worth noting that a steady stream of mobile phones provided by dropship cell phones suppliers playing an increasingly important role in the development of the e-commerce market.


Nowadays, technological progress and changes in consumer behavior have transferred the path to success. In order to adapt to the new model, companies should think about how to meet the expectations of the growing mobile-first consumers and increasingly competitive markets.



Trend 1 : Southeast Asia is Mobile-first

Mobile e-commerce is constantly shaping the pattern of consumer participation. The mobile market has matured after several years of development. The increasing popularity of mobile e-commerce is because shoppers want to complete transactions without using a computer, and they want convenience at their fingertips. With mobile devices, shoppers can now browse, research and purchase products on free dropshipping sites anytime.


As a late adopter of the Internet, most households in Southeast Asia directly leapfrog the desktop and choose smart phones. Because of their low price and ease of use, smart devices have quickly become the primary device that people use to connect to the Internet.

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If you intend to open a top dropshipping store, please remember to understand the needs of customers. Secondly, your own store design should be brief and concise. It's important to focus on what is really useful to your customers, rather than trying to squeeze into every marketing promotion option.


Trend 2: Consumer Expectations Continue to Rise to New Heights

Selling branded products on shopify are very common. However, the online shopping experience is still constrained by some obstacles such as being unable to touch or interact with products. But some brands are redefining the user experience to meet the growing expectations of consumers.


1.Consider Developing a Mobile App 

It is reported that 54% of consumers will use APP for shopping activities, so the potential income opportunities among them are very huge. Through some new technologies, sellers are no longer as troublesome as before in building their own apps. You can easily use some tools to convert your online drop shipping into a stylish and powerful mobile APP.


2.Use ASO Technology


If you already have your own mobile app, then you need to make sure to apply ASO technology to improve the visibility in the app store search.


Trend 3: Todays Market Is a Treasure Trove of Unlimited Choices

Sellers with limited inventory may have difficulty competing due to increased consumer demands. Consumers expect a large number of high quality dropshipping products on the site. In general, most large dropshipping ecommerce websites collect their own inventory by creating a market. These markets bring together smaller sellers and wholesale dropshipping suppliers, which greatly increases their range of choices.



All in all, Keeping pace with the times and grasping the needs of consumers is one of the magic weapons to win.

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