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How to Build a Dropshipping Website with WordPress?

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Dropshipping is a simple e-commerce mode, which allows you to sell goods in the state of zero inventory. You just need to choose a platform and promote it. If a customer places a drop shipped order, you send the customer's information directly to the drop shipping business suppliers and the manufacturers who can deliver the goods. For individuals, it can greatly reduce the cost of starting a business.



What Is the Dropshipping Business?

Dropshipping business refers to outsourcing the production and transportation of products directly to suppliers. This means you don't have to create, store, and send your products. Instead, you only need to provide the popular dropshipping products for sale and coordinate with the suppliers directly.


The benefits of this model are as follows.

1. Very low investment cost.

2. No need to buy products or manage inventory.

3. Easy to transport the products.

4. Sell all kinds of products around the world.



Why Use WordPress to Build Dropshipping Platform?

Of course, a lot of people choose Shopify to build a platform. However, for individuals, considering the cost, we prefer to recommend the WordPress platform. It only needs to install themes and plug-ins to complete the general dropshipping store. Next, we will introduce the specific operation steps.


Purchase Domain Name

The choice of domain name should try to use. And you should choose the same domain name as your own website name. If your store is called adastore, then is the best choice. Of course, the premise is that the domain name is not registered.


Purchase Mainframe

The selection of the host is based on the principle of stability and speed. I recommend the SiteGround host here.



Themes and Plug-ins

Nowadays, businesses pay more and more attention to user experience. The first thing that every visitor experiences is the appearance of the dropshipping online store. You can choose one of thousands of woocom themes as your store themes. WordPress offers four wordcom themes.

BCF--This powerful theme is tailored to boost your sales and increase your conversion rate.

Oceanwp-- It is a versatile woocom theme with many flexible customization options.

Shopstore--It is a highly customizable woocom theme with drag and drop builder support.

BC shop--This is a generic WordPress theme.



How to Manually Add Dropshipping Products in Woocommerce?

It's very easy to add products to the dropified woocommerce. You need to visit the product and click add new page in your WordPress administration area. Then, you should provide the detailed product description of the most popular dropshipping products. Next, you should select a product category and upload product photos and gallery images. Then, you need to add product details to the product data section where you can set product prices, properties, and other options. Finally, you will be provided with a brief product description space. This description will be displayed on the storefront, dropship catalog, and product search pages.

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