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How to Do Dropshipping in Europe with Oberlo?

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Dropshipping is one of the ways of supply chain management. Retailers don't have to worry about inventory or transportation. It sounds very difficult for sellers to find dropshipping suppliers in the first place. In fact, oberlo, a consignment platform, can easily import the oberlo supplier's products to the shopify platform quickly to realize the consignment. Next, let's take a closer look at how to become a qualified oberlo supplier.




Create a Dropshipping Store

The first step in setting up a oberlo stores is to choose a niche product or the product you want to sell. If you don't know where to start, you can list options from the product category of the successful dropshipping websites based on what you are interested in or what you are most confident to sell.


Once you have unique dropshipping products, then you need to choose some of the products you want to resell in your store. If you don't choose quality products from reliable suppliers, it can cause a lot of problems. When selecting products on the platform, we need to pay attention to the following points.


1. Free Delivery with International E-mail

Try to choose the products that can be resold and can provide free international e-mail transportation. Since most of the trending products for dropshipping come from China or Hong Kong, e-mail delivery is not only economical but also one of the faster ways to deliver small goods to Europe.



2. More than 300 Products Display

Products with large orders can illustrate two things. First of all, the market has demand for this products on oberlo. Second, suppliers are more reliable than the average in the industry. When looking for new products, you can select products with large orders.


3. Low Wholesale Price but High Profit Margin

Drop ship products to sell online with lower prices (between $1 and $20, for example) can give you more room for marketing costs to float. Because the price of these products can be set between $20 and $50. For example, about $20 running shoes on the platform may end up being sold for $50, so that the profit margin can reach 60%.



Add Items to Store

1. Write your Own Product Description

Because many of the dropshipping stores lists on the platform are not written by professional advertising staff, nor can they fully reflect the advantages of the product. Therefore, having your own unique content can provide better service for your business in the long run and improve the conversion rate, avoiding the risk of any content duplication.


2. Use Order Tracking App

Due to the long shipping time, you may receive an email from customers asking for their drop shipped order location. It is recommended to use the order tracking app in shopify app store to let your customers know their order status.


3. Let Customers Know Delivery Time

It is recommended that you inform your customers on the product page (or elsewhere in the store) that they may have to wait up to 20 days (depending on the supplier) to receive the goods.

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