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How to Dropship from China Efficiently?

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Do you want to start shopify dropshipping, amazon dropshipping or eBay dropshipping directly from China, or look for reliable dropshipping agents or dropshipping suppliers? Let's take a look at how to dropship from China efficiently.



1. Choose your Shipping Supplier Wisely

Do you want reliable personnel responsible for product production and delivery to customers? Most people who start with direct delivery choose suppliers based on price. They go to AliExpress, sort by price and choose the lowest price. Although this may serve you in the short term. In the long run, it will definitely bother you.


What if your supplier does not respond to your message asking where the package is? What if the supplier cannot keep up with hundreds of orders every day? Another good trick I can choose for you to ship directly to a supplier is to always have a backup supplier.



2. Properly Handle Long Shipping Times

The downside of direct shipping from China is that you will have to deal with longer shipping times. Please don't treat shipping time as a mystery. You may get more sales, but these sales may come from people who want the package to appear in the next few days or even the next day! I can now give you a big tip to reduce the long shipping time when shipping directly from China. Always try to choose ePacket and find the supplier with the shortest processing time.



3. Correctly Handle Your Refunds and Returns

People usually stop thinking about the idea of starting from China when they hear that they need to process refunds and return goods on their own. Our suggestion is to see if it is cheaper for customers to keep the product and send new products. Otherwise, have your customers send it back to your supplier. You only need to decide whether to pay for the return.

If you know the different refund requirements and how to deal with each refund request, it may not be difficult to process refunds and returns when shipping directly from China!



4. Consider Festival

When you plan to use dropshipping sites and dropshipping products from China, you need to consider Chinese holidays. For example, Chinese New Year. Because every Chinese New Year, everyone in China has a week off. This means that almost all content will be closed during this period. Therefore, the package cannot be shipped to your customer, and no new products will be produced during this period. The best case is a one week or longer shipping delay. The worst-case scenario may be about 3 weeks without any products being shipped.



5. Excellent Customer Service

Excellent customer service is the key to transforming China's shipping business into a profitable business. If you do not have excellent customer service, then people will start to complain and will increasingly ask for refunds.



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