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How to Find Chinese Suppliers?

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We know that doing dropshipping business must have good suppliers. If you want to start e-commerce dropshipping business, you must find good dropshipping suppliers to cooperate with you. Now if you have a Shopify store and you have found a product, then which supplier is reliable? Which one can work with you? In this article, we will share with you some experiences about how to find Chinese suppliers.



Participate in the Exhibition

Participating in the exhibition can contact all major manufacturers and wholesalers of the market. But the premise is that you have to choose a product for dropshipping business in advance, which is not suitable for everyone. If you have time and money to participate in exhibitions of this industry, you can get to know more about drop shipping manufacturers and suppliers in the exhibition. Many exhibitors are from factories and they rarely appear on the Internet, so you can take the initiative to communicate with them at the exhibition.


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Use Google or Internet to Search

Obviously, we have to make full use of Google or internet to find qualified dropshipping suppliers, but you have to know somerules as following.


1. Extensive Search

If you search for "a product wholesale supplier", you will never see them appear in the previous search results. In other words, you may have to dig out wholesaler websites from many search results.


2. Don't Judge by the Website Alone

A good website may indicate that the supplier is good, but a poor website does not mean that the wholesaler is not good. Therefore, the quality of the supplier cannot be judged completely by the quality of the website.



Supplier List

People who do foreign trade or drop shipping models often ask a question, do I have to pay to get the supplier list? The supplier list is a database of suppliers, which is organized according to market or product. Many directories go through some sort of screening process to ensure that the listed suppliers are genuine wholesalers. So, directories are basically provided by profit companies, and you must pay to use their directories. Although the membership directory will directly provide you with intuitive information, it does not mean that it is essential. If you already know the product you want to sell, you just need the above techniques, and you are able to find suitable dropshipping suppliers to cooperate with them.


e-commerce dropshipping business

The supplier directory is a convenient way to quickly search and browse a large number of suppliers, and it is conducive to generating inspiration for the products to be sold on your dropshipping website. Of course, there are many different supplier directories. You may find online suppliers on the internet as well.


Before searching for suppliers, you must first know how to distinguish retailers pretending to be wholesalers. As real wholesalers purchase directly from manufacturers, they can usually provide you with more attractive prices. As a result, choosing a reliable dropshipping supplier will save you a lot of trouble in the future and you had better select carefully.

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