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How to Prepare your Finances for Dropshipping?

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Do you know how to prepare your finances when you start a dropshipping business? In this article, we will tell you some experiences about it.


Generally speaking, keeping personal and business finances separate not only can help you make accounting easier, but also can help you adhere to local tax regulations. We know that it is very important to set up certain business accounts and understand the local business and tax laws if you want to start your aross-border dropshipping business. So you had better to fully investigate and choose a bookkeeping method before starting drop shipping model. It is helpful for your direct drop shipping. Next, we will tell you the reason in details.



aross-border dropshipping business

Company Account Settings

Usually in different regions, each government requires different accounts that business should set up including e-commerce dropshipping model. For example, in most areas of the world, we know that it is common to have all business revenue and expenses handled by one business account. If you start a bank account for drop shipping business, it can make your drop shipping finances easy to manage and keep track of. The following accounts are more common forms


Local payment method business accounts: During the process of business, if you want to accept payments through a local payment method, you should firstly check the requirements of payment method for business accounts. For example, you may accept the payment method that your customers are familiar with in order to make sure your customers to trust you and your brand, and then apply for local payment options.


International payment method business account: If you want to accept payments through PayPal, you need sign up a business account for international payment method to connect it with Shopify.


Business credit card: Sometimes business credit card can improve your e-commerce drop shipping. For example, you might need to spend more money than you are used to when you meet the requirements of your dropshipping suppliers. The reason is that usually suppliers have their mini order quantities. At this time, business credit card can help you to connect to your business bank account to use for these types of purchases, and it can keep your expenses in one place.



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Tax Rate Issue

First of all, you should know some knowledge of dopshipping tax laws. You may contact the local government and business bureau to further know about tax laws applied to dropshipping business in your local areas. After all, dropshipping is a new type business and runs online which is different from traditional businesses. You had better to get all the business documents that you need to run your business as early as you can, then fully research them and adhere to these tax laws, so that you can better prepare to work with suppliers.


Secondly, you need to know which conditions you need to collect and remit tax in. For example, some regions dont require businesses to collect or remit tax before you reach a certain amount of revenue within the specific time, but other regions may be different. You should clearly know before you start business.



We hope these two pieces of knowledge can help your drop shipping business proceed smoothly.

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