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How to Solve If the Tranportation Time of Dropshipping is Too Long?

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Many people use shopify to do the dropshipping mode or ship their own shipments from China, so it often takes a long time for the product to be delivered to the foreigner. According to statistics, customers place orders at independent stations, and transportation issues are the second most important issue after payment security issues. This shows that customers are worried about transportation time. Then how to solve if the dropshipping transportation time is too long?


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Now the reason why Amazon is so popular in Europe and America is directly related to its FBA overseas warehouse direct delivery. In fact, we can understand it that everyone does want to receive the product within a few days after placing an order. And if they place an order on domestic website, few people are willing to wait for more than a week. Generally speaking, the delivery to the United States is actually the fastest, and the transportation time is usually within 7-14 days. But some other countries are not very ideal. Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom are relatively fast, but they all take 15-25 days. So the question is what can we do to relieve customers of the worry for too long shipping time?




Shipping Timetable

In fact, the method is very simple. We need to add a drop shipping page with shipping timetable to the website, and then write the shipping time in detail. In this way, customers will know the transportation time when they place order. Don’t think that foreigners are foolish. We need to clearly write the approximate shipping time ranging on the shipping page. So foreigners who really like products will naturally choose to wait patiently. Usually many dropshipping sellers will add it to the menu at the bottom of the website, but we recommend that it still be placed in the main menu at the top of the website so that it is convenient for dropshipping customers to view. Some sellers will state in the shipping page that the shipping time is about 7 days. In fact, many dropshipping products could not be delivered so quickly, which results in a lot of refunds from customers.



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Dispute Process

Generally, the customer first reports the problem for the drop shipping order, and states the reason why they want to apply for a refund. At this time, you can see the buyer’s statement in the background. You can reply and talk to the buyer of dropshipping to resolve it. If the conversation cannot be resolved, the customer can request the customer service of platform to intervene. At this time, the customer service will ask both parties to provide proof, and then the final ruling will be made.


Here we want to explain that the shipping time of dropshipping is generally clearly stated on the website, and customers of dropshipping rarely raise disputes. Even if there is a dispute, as long as you can provide logistics information to the customer service, generally you will not be refunded directly. 

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