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How to Split Supplier Orders for Dropshipping?

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split the supplier orders

Order splitting is very common and complex in E-Commerce orders in bulk. There are also two ways to split the order. One is to split the order after the user submits the order and before the payment, the other is to split the shipment order (sku level) after the user places the order and before wholesale electronic dropshippers delivers the goods.


The principles of the two splitting are different. The first one is to distinguish the list of dropshippers and facilitate financial settlement. The second one is to split documents according to the final delivery package, such as different warehouses, SKUs with different transportation requirements, package weight and volume restrictions (some steps of the second splitting can also be put in the first step).


It should be noted that in the case of cross-border turnkey dropship websites, all splitting steps need to be completed before payment. Because customs declaration needs three documents, that is, order, payment note and waybill, which are consistent with the import list. See here, do you wonder about this splitting method? Next, we will explain it.



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Splitting Process

When splitting orders, the process of cross-border e-commerce and domestic e-commerce will be different. The main differences are as follows.

1. Cross border e-commerce generally has a single warehouse for single product, and the same SKU only exists in one dropship warehouse, while domestic e-commerce generally has multiple regional warehouses, which deliver goods from the warehouse with the highest time efficiency.


2. Cross border e-commerce needs customs declaration, and the three documents must be unified, so the splitting can only take place after the order is submitted. In addition to different dropshipping ecommerce business, domestic e-commerce needs to split the order when placing an order. Other splitting steps can be taken after placing an order.


3. Only customs clearance limit needs to be considered for cross-border e-commerce.



Front End Disassembly of E-commerce Platform

Before order generationdrop shipped orders of different business types are not allowed to be settled at the same time. And the documents are split through the transaction process (for example,overseas purchase order, domestic goods order, recharge, etc.)


Sales promotion, coupons, full discount and other activities need to be calculated according to the corresponding rules before the transaction splitting when an order is generated.


After order generation, orders from different general dropshipping stores or warehouses are split into multiple sub orders for shipment after settlement.


Many platforms support the refund of part of the order. In this case, the reverse process of the order is more complex. When the SKU is fully returned, the status of the original order will directly change to "transaction closed". When some goods in the order are refunded, the status of the original order remains unchanged, and the "to be delivered" status is maintained.



Generally, when placing an order, the factors of organic dropshippers classification and warehouse will be taken into account to split the shipment order. And other factors will be taken into account after payment and before shipment.

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