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How to Start Your Cross-border Dropshipping?

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The current economic environment is very different from the past. The e-commerce economy has developed rapidly, and the real economy has gradually weakened. In the past, if people talked about opening a store, they usually said that they rented a store in a certain place and then stock up goods. After this, they wait for customers to come to do business. After selling for a period of time, they found that it was not easy to sell. But in today's environment where e-commerce is prevalent, when people say opening a store, they generally mean opening an online store. Are you interested in this business mode and do you how to start cross-border dropshippingLet's take a closer look at the specific steps.



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Open Your Online Store


Usually, if you choose the business model of dropshipping, most people will use Oberlo to import products from website to the store, and then you can reset the price and profit yourself. For new stores, website of dropshipping is the easiest and safest way.


First of all, you need to have your own online store. You may just use shopify to build one. After setting up the dropshipping store, you can use Oberlo to import products from AliExpress. If the supplier’s inventory or price information is updated, oberlo will sync it to your store. After the customer places the order, you can go to the dropshipping supplier to buy the product, and the supplier can directly ship the product to the customer of dropshipping.




Dropshipping Order Purchases


In the APP mall, there are many tools, such as oberlo, which is the best recommended, because it can quickly move Ali Express products to shopify stores. With this tool, dropshipping sellers can also track inventory. As long as the seller binds a credit card or PayPal account, oberlo can help the seller purchase. At the same time, through oberlo, sellers can also use automatic updates to remove certain products, set costs, inventory, pricing rules, etc.


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Get More Potential Customers


Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, VK, YouTube, etc. can promote and integrate potential customers of dropshipping. On these social media website, it is mainly through mining groups, searching groups, such as "groups named shippers" to find potential customers. In the search results, you can see some users who are doing or preparing to do dropshipping. Sellers can also do more detailed searches, such as adding industry keyword searches, and the results will be more accurate. 


At the same time, instagram is already very popular abroad. For Chinese cross-border e-commerce sellers, off-site promotion does not need to be limited to Facebook and Twitter. Instagram can be used to build customer groups and conduct effective fan marketing of dropshipping.


Of course, online celebrity promotion is also a better way of drop shipping promotion. Sellers can use YouTube, online bloggers, IG bloggers, and Facebook vertical content groups to gather target customers and regularly release discount messages and new product pushes to them.

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