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How to Start a Dropshipping Business in Brazil?

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The e-commerce market is growing faster than the speed of light. Experts predict that by 2021 e-commerce sales will reach 4.5 trillion US dollars. In addition to regions which lead the way in purchase transactions such as the United States, China, and Europe, Brazil is becoming one of the fastest growing e-commerce markets in the world in record numbers. A good dropshipping network promotes the development of websites for dropshipping and dropship online shops.


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70% of Brazilians' credit card consumption will inevitably bring opportunities to Brazil's cross-border e-commerce sector. Brazil, the only Portuguese-speaking country and the largest country in South America, can be described as an e-commerce leader. Relying on the advantage of over 200 million people and the underestimated online consumption power, it ranks among the top 10 e-commerce countries in the world. Brazil is known as the ninth largest e-commerce retail market in the world. Cross-border sellers who want to go overseas to take up the Latin American market will not miss this market.


In the past, many delivery people failed to sell products in Brazil, because the postal service in Brazil is extremely unstable and slow. Now, some policy changes have alleviated this problem. Based on this situation, you can add Brazil customer options to your ecommerce dropshipping store.


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Benefits of Dropshipping

Dropshipping is your biggest partner in e-commerce. It is also important to choose the right product and use reputable dropshipping suppliers. Dropshipping has the following advantages.


General companies can rent warehouse space to stock up and pack themselves, but this is also a considerable expense.The company can also purchase and store products in a third-party warehouse, and then the third-party logistics business handles all matters from picking to transportation. Compared with the first type, it saves a lot of time, but you have to bear inventory management costs and pay a premium for logistics services to third parties.


Dropshipping provides the best service for both parties. All you do is to find the popular dropshipping items you want to sell and upload them to free dropshipping sites. Then the rest will be handled by suppliers for dropshipping.


This is a great choice for emerging e-commerce small businesses. You can flexibly add or change product lines anytime and anywhere.



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Brazil's Shipping Challenges

After MercadoLibre and B2W opened the channels for entry, many foreign sellers poured in to register. Although dropshipping sites for sale currently has relatively high requirements for settled sellers, most of the settled sellers have good sales in Brazil. But there are some infrastructure and government issues. For example, Brazil’s postal service is unstable and slow, and it may take up to three months for a package to arrive. And incidents of missing items often occur. In addition, the fees charged by global express companies may be as high as the shipping price. The shipper must either pay the fee and pass it on to your customer, or your customer must go to the airport and pay their own duties. The point of Brazil's customs clearance is a trickier event.



Although Brazil's dropshipping business has some challenges and problems, Brazil's huge e-commerce market potential gives people great confidence. In general, the advantages of setting up a dropshipping store in Brazil outweigh the disadvantages.

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