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How to Work With Chinese Dropshippers?

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Everyone knows that China is a big country with many manufacturers. The products have good quality and the price is comparatively cheap.  Usually working with Chinese suppliers can save a lot of money for dropshipping business. Of course, if you dont find good dropshipping suppliers or good dropshipping manufacturers, maybe it can make you lose some money. In previous article, we have told some experiences about how to find good Chinese suppliers. Today, we will talk about how to work with Chinese dropshippers.



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Determine If They Will Attend the Exhibition

Generally speaking, the Chinese supplier who attends a trade show knows that they pay a lot of money to go to a trade show because they have products with good quality to share and they have good financial standing. Suppose that their products had poor quality, they had likely not showing them at the trade show. Then how do you know whether a manufacturer or a supplier has attended a trade show? The method is that you view their website and click on the profile of company, usually you will see it under Trade Shows, and then you will know whether they attend any trade shows or not. And you may know some information about company and financial conditions. Usually good dropshipping sellers also have reliable dropshipping suppliers.



Confirm the True Identity of the Partner

Usually there are three main types of suppliers you will run into: manufacturer, trade Company and wholesaler. When you work with suppliers on line, you had better know which one you are working with. How to distinguish them?


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Manufacturers: Generally speaking, the cost provided by manufacturers is low. If you work with them, you may get the lowest price from them because there is no middle person involved.


Trade Company: We know that trade Company is the middle man who doesnt have factory and workers, and they work as an agent between you and the manufacturer. Therefore, they must get profits from the drop shipping products. The price they offer you must be higher than that of manufacturers. If you work with them, you have to pay higher price for the products. The profit of your e-commerce dropshipping business is naturally lower.


Wholesaler: This is another form of middle man. Is there any difference between wholesaler and Trade Company? The difference is that they buy the goods in bulk from the manufacturer and sell them at a mark-up price to get a nice profit from it.



If you are a cross-border dropshipping seller, and you want to find suitable dropshipping suppliers on website, you usually going to meet manufacturers or trade companies. How to find out which type of supplier they are? Here we teach you a method that you may go to the profile of company to review carefully, and usually it will tell you under business type. 

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