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How to avoid fake suppliers?

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dropship office supplies

You can earn some money by setting up a shop online, but traditional online retailing includes relatively large initial investment such as purchasing materials, establishing manufacturing, coordinating transportation, etc. Few people have such resources at the beginning, so it is not easy to succeed on their own. However, dropshipping is to sell products in your free preloaded dropship websites without actually holding inventory. Working with suppliers will reduce some of the work you have to do to provide and maintain inventory. In this case, how to avoid some fake suppliers is very important. When you receive an order, you only need to provide it to the dropshipping supplier, and then the supplier will deliver the goods on your behalf. However, not all suppliers have performed very well in your business relationship, so you must screen out trustworthy shopee dropship supplier. Here are a few mistakes to avoid when choosing a supplier.



Don't Choose Middlemen Randomly

If you want to open a dropshipping clothing store and try to reach a deal through middlemen, they will pretend to be dropship designer clothing supplier and charge you high price, which will cut down your profits and even lead you to be cheated. In order to confirm that you have not been cheated, you need to do some investigation on suppliers online so that you can know whether they handle goods for themselves, or whether they are delivering the required goods such as dropship kitchen products. You should also check their business licenses, warehouses, manufacturing plants or other assets, and ask whether they really have qualified transactions. You can also compare the catalogues they provide with the prices of dropshipping products from other suppliers to see if they charge more than other suppliers, or whether the prices are very close to the retail prices.



dropship office supplies

Judge Fake Products Carefully

No matter whether you use some large wholesale markets or cooperate with a single supplier, as long as you use oberlo for dropshipping, there will always be some fake oberlo search products, because you usually don't see them before they are shipped. So if you are not careful, it is easy to send fake products to customers, which will not only cost you money but also damage your reputation and even get you into some legal disputes. Because if the product you sell is some copyrighted counterfeit product, you may close your store due to litigation.


There is no way to completely eliminate fakes when you maintain a product, but you can use some methods to minimize the probability of selling fakes. First, establish a trust relationship with suppliers. You need to inquire and understand some business verification information of dropshipping suppliers with fast shipping. In this way, you can better get to know the people you work with . Most legitimate wholesalers will be happy to provide you with their vouchers.


Second, you should check the comments of other sellers. For example, if some other sellers who cooperate with the dropship shoes suppliers don't give a good evaluation of the supplier, it means that the products of this supplier are likely to have some problems. Therefore, you should learn some information from other sellers so that you can avoid some problematic products more easily.


Finally, it is necessary to test the product. If you add a dropshipping product from new dropship friendly suppliers to your store, the best way to know the quality of this product is to place an order to check the quality and authenticity of the product, so that you can indirectly know what products the supplier provides to customers. If the product does not meet the quality standards, you need to stop cooperating with the supplier.



dropship office supplies

Refuse Wholesalers to Charge Membership Fees

Some dropship office supplies will charge membership fees. Even if these dropshipping suppliers are not big companies, they can easily provide you with the same information as legal suppliers, but they will charge some membership fees for no reason. So you should use some catalogues to find suitable suppliers for your store. These oberlo verified suppliers lists bring together different legal suppliers and wholesalers verified by the company, and such suppliers will not charge you any extra fees.

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