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Issues about Amazon's Dropshipping Mode

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We know that direct dropshipping model is a non-sourced and light asset operation model that can be operated with very little investment with low threshold and low risk, and it is very popular among individual entrepreneurs. Amazon's dropshipping model is also one of the dropshipping mode, which relies on the huge traffic of the Amazon platform and the supply information of third-party platforms to carry out sales without supply. Then what are the issues that need to be paid attention to when making Amazon's dropshipping model?



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Logistics Issues


When using Amazon's dropshipping model, dropshipping sellers should pay special attention to logistics issues. Compared with other e-commerce platforms, Amazon's users have high overall quality and strong purchasing power, so the requirements for product quality and logistics efficiency are also relatively high. The downside of the dropshipping model is the slow logistics timeliness. Because suppliers of dropshipping are required to deliver goods, sellers need longer logistics timeliness to deliver the goods to the destination.


Timeliness is the core factor of cross-border e-commerce, which affects consumers' shopping. If the logistics timeliness is slow, consumers who originally decided to buy the product may hesitate or even give up buying and choose other products that provide faster timeliness. On the other hand, Amazon sellers also need to spend time and energy to process the goods. It is good that the quantity of goods is small, and it does not take much time and energy. Once the volume of goods increases, there may be no time to take care of the operation, sales and after-sales issues of the outlets.



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Warehousing and Delivery


1. What Is Warehousing and Delivery?

Warehousing and delivery is a customized logistics service launched by logistics service providers for Amazon's Dropshipping mode, independent station dropshipping and self-built station dropshipping, which provides one-stop services such as collection, packaging, billing, shipping, customs clearance and other one-stop services, seamlessly connecting with suppliers relying on the advantages of geographic location to improve delivery efficiency, and it can save sellers time and energy.


2. What Is the Role of Warehousing and Delivery?


The role of warehousing and delivery is mainly in two aspects. One aspect helps Amazon dropshipping sellers improve delivery efficiency, and helps sellers directly correspond to suppliers, receive and inspect goods. On the other hand, it helps sellers save time and energy, solve the work of packaging, posting orders and shipping goods, and have more time to focus on the front-end sales of the store.


In addition, warehousing agency delivery can also save the seller's capital investment, adhere to the light capital operation model. These are all the advantages of dropshipping.


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3. How does the Warehousing Agency Charge for Delivery?


Warehousing agency delivery of dropshipping is charged according to the operating items and materials used. The main cost is composed of materials and manpower. The overall charge is around 2 yuan-3 yuan per order. The fee is low, which can help Amazon dropshipping sellers save capital investment and control logistics costs.


For specific tariff information, you can consult the official website online customer service for details.

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