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New Opportunities Brought By Dropshipping to Foreign Trade B2B

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Dropshipping, a foreign trade term, is a method of cross-border e-commerce supply chain management. Instead of inventory, the retailer sends the drop shipped order and relevant information to the dropshipping supplier, who sends the goods directly to the final customer. And the retailer earns the difference between wholesale and retail prices.


Under the background of international development and opening up, the foreign trade B2B has gradually become a popular trend. B2B refers to the business model in which enterprises exchange and transfer data information and carry out transaction activities through private network or Internet. The B2B website combines intranet and customers closely. In addition, it provides better services for customers through the rapid response of the network, so as to promote the business development of enterprises.



In fact, the outbreak of dropshipping business is closely related to the rapid growth of shopify, because most of successful dropshippers choose to open stores in online. Shopify is a trend to help individual users and businesses to quickly open stores on the Internet, and it integrates various marketing tools, which can effectively help its users attract customers. Today, shopify dropshipping is becoming more and more convenient and well-known. More and more people have set up shops online, and its revenue has grown like a rocket in recent years. Next, we will elaborate the opportunities that the development of dropshipping can provide for foreign trade B2B from two perspectives.




Small batch and fragmentation of B2B orders are the status quo of foreign trade B2B for many years, which is familiar to all of us. In the dropshipping stores, it is likely to be a consignment instead of a small batch. We believe that many factories can't accept this. If they find the factory from AliBaba, they may place small orders. For factories, if your products are really good and suitable for consumers, they should pay more attention to the explosive power of fashion dropshippers. It doesn't matter whether your products can become dropshipping winning products, because tens of thousands of orders are very common in a month.


Like e-commerce, when dropshipping develops to the next stage, what we should do is brand dropshipping (although it is also called dropshipping, it is not different from B2B customers). At this time, the volume of procurement and the overall demand will be even larger. If the factory has passed the preliminary training, it can also fully support the corresponding business needs.




Individuals and Trading Companies

The rapid development of dropshipping also brings great opportunities to individuals and trading companies. When you want to choose industries and products, it's better to choose the ones that has been proven feasible by the market and is clearly visible to the target customers. On the dropshipping platform, you can easily find what's selling well. Generally speaking, the industry life cycle of dropship custom products is very long, and most of them belong to the consumer category.


In short, as a new supply chain management method, dropshipping has played a great role in promoting the development of B2B in foreign trade.

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