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Some Ad Tips for Dropshipping Stores

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A good advertisement can make your online dropshipping business  penetrate into people's life completely so that you can get more profits from it. Facebook advertisement can make your store increase a lot of sales, because the traffic generated by it is very large, so many fast shipping dropship suppliers will compete on Facebook. Therefore, It is very important to think about how to make your advertisement stand out. Facebook is constantly upgrading and changing their systems, especially in terms of advertising rules. So you must have a better understanding and strategy of Facebook advertising rules before advertising.



Some Ad Tips for Dropshipping Stores

Spy on Your Competitor's Ads 

If you want to determine whether the dropshipping personalized products have enough potential, you can spy your competitors' advertisements to see if they have succeeded in this field. You can observe them through the free search bar.


You can use some discounts to win customers, such as free delivery, discounts, or giving away some small products in your dropshipping ecommerce website. You can also search related posts on Facebook and monitor these posts with high participation. It should be noted that if a post has a lot of participation, it does not necessarily mean that it will generate benefits. It is very likely that some people have invested some money in this post. Therefore, it is important to learn to distinguish useful and useless posts.



Some Ad Tips for Dropshipping Stores

Product Conversion

You have to choose a target for your advertisement When doing Aliexpress ecommerce and dropshipping or creating advertisements. This target is the one that Facebook will pay attention to and the only target you should choose is product conversion. In addition, you can also make separate settings so that each product has its own product conversion pixel, which will make Facebook send your advertisement to the right audience.



Ad Budget

Different people have different preferences on Facebook. Some users will pay attention to many posts, while other users will buy oberlo search products from the advertisements. Of course, some users are not interested in the advertisements displayed by Facebook. Compared with these people, those who participate in Facebook advertisements will spend more money.


If your budget is relatively small, the Facebook will show your advertisements of dropshipping american products to some low-quality users. As your advertising scale gradually expands, high-quality users will notice your advertising, so you need to slowly expand the scale of your campaign and find a suitable user base for your advertising.



Some Ad Tips for Dropshipping Stores

Don't Get Penalized

When you advertise on Facebook and want to test multiple high quality dropshipping products, don't use the same audience to test different products, or there is the risk of overlapping advertisements and competing with each other, which will lead to a surge in CPM. Therefore, you must develop a unique audience target for each product and exclude interests targeted in other ads.

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