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Some Dropshipping Tools

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shopee dropship supplier

Dropshipping is a new way of e-commerce, so more and more people want to do the same thing. But how do you gain competitive advantage in this industry?


It is necessary to use amazon dropshipping tools reasonably, maximizing the benefits of dropshipping. One of the benefits of dropshipping is that the start-up cost is relatively low. By cooperating with trusted suppliers, you can quickly set up your online store and choose high-quality products from top dropshipping suppliers. You can also cooperate with transportation companies all over the world.


But there are also some shortcomings, the most obvious of which is that the profit rate is relatively low. Although you can regulate the price of the goods, there will be other entrepreneurs competing with your popular dropshipping items.


As the threshold of e-commerce is relatively low, almost every online sales business model is facing many challenges. One of the challenges is that it is difficult for you to launch your own brand since you sell the products of suppliers. Moreover, your store is very dependent on suppliers. If there are some problems with the shopify dropshipping products or transportation of suppliers, it will have a direct impact on your store. In addition, if you cooperate with many different suppliers, it is very complicated to calculate the profit margin.



shopee dropship supplier

What dropshipping tools should you use?

If you want to avoid the disadvantages of shopify academy dropshipping, we can make reasonable use of dropshipping tools.



Shopify is the largest e-commerce platform and can make your store operate in the fastest and simplest way. It can be said that it is the starting point of your dropshipping store. In order to ensure that this platform is helpful to your store, you can make some free trials. When you decide to set up the biggest dropshipping websites on this platform, you have the following pricing options:

Basic Shopify – $29/mo

Shopify – $79/mo

Advanced Shopify – $299/mo

No matter what your goal is, Shopify has a corresponding plan and allows you to make full use of their customer support and useful plugins.


shopee dropship supplier


Oberlo is an application which allows you to enter a very large supplier market. You can choose from a large number of products and easily synchronize them to your website. Their free starter package allows you to sell more than 500 products every month, making you easily enter the shopify and dropshipping industry. If you see a better effect, you can also upgrade to sell more products.



If you want a cheaper alternative to Shopify, please try WooCommerce. This is a free plug-in and you can turn your WordPress website into an e-commerce dropshipping online store. It is a very safe platform, which allows you to bring greater e-commerce capabilities.



If you have set up an electronic shop, this platform can connect you with shopee dropship suppliers all over the world. Spocket integrates with benefits of many other platforms including Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, BigCommerce and AliScraper. This platform provides free trials and allows you to view their catalogues. If you want to really benefit from it, you need one of the paid plans:

Starter: Sell up to 25 unique products  – $24/month

Pro: Sell up to 250 unique products – $49/mo

Empire: Sell up to 1,000 unique products – $99/mo




One of the biggest challenges of dropshipping is to maintain an effective profit margin, which requires your free dropshipping store to be as streamlined as possible to adapt to the changing market. Dropshipping tools can expand your business scale and find many methods in the field of automation, so you should use dropshipping tools correctly.

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