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Some Misunderstandings About Dropshipping

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Many people have some misunderstandings about dropshipping. Actually, boutique shopify dropshipping is not just a business model to get rich quickly, but is a legal plan. Dropshipping is a different way to fulfill orders. The following misunderstandings are very common in drop shipping business, let us explore them together.


using ebay for dropshipping 

Dropshipping Is Over Because It Is Saturated.

Maybe people will think that dropshipping is over because it is saturated, but this idea is meaningless. Market saturation literally means that a product is maximized in the market, that is, all people who want this product already have it, while using ebay for dropshipping means that customers buy the products listed in your store at a higher price. When they buy products in your store, you will buy this dropshipping product from the manufacturer at the lowest price. Then let the manufacturer deliver the top selling dropship items directly to the customer, and the money you earn is the difference between the selling price and the original price of the product.


Dropshipping itself is not a product, which is only a way to realize the product. The high quality dropshipping products can not be saturated, so it is very strange when people associate dropshipping with saturation. You may think that even if dropshipping is not saturated, many dropshipping products are saturated. The answer is definitely no, but some best oberlo products are indeed saturated. An example of saturated products is cheap women' s clothing and accessories. These products are saturated no matter how you complete the order. If a store's niche market is too competitive, it will lead to product saturation.

using ebay for dropshipping

If you want to survive in such a market, you must be very proficient in market rules, so the best way to avoid this result is to use e-commerce tools and choose to sell some unsaturated profitable dropshipping products. You can find some products that few people sell, and push them to people who want to buy these products. If you don't want to fall into the situation of constantly selecting products, then you need to know how to increase the traffic of your dropshipping ecommerce website and get the most leverage from the market.



China-US Trade War Ruined Dropshipping Business


Donald Trump announced that electronic parcels are the cheapest and fastest transportation option from China to the United States. If in the United States, parcels can reach the other end of the world in ten days with only two dollars. For more than 190 countries around the world, international amazon seller dropshipping postage is mostly set by the Universal Postal Union. Generally speaking, postage is usually determined by how poor a country is considered. If all countries are as rich as the United States, Then you must pay postage at the same price as the United States, but if a country is poor, it can have lower transportation prices to stimulate economic development.


China was poor in the past,, so there was a lower top site dropshipping postage, which made it easier for China to choose low-cost and fast transportation. In 2018, Donald Trump threatened to withdraw the United States from the UPU unless the rules of the UPU changed or they can customize China's transportation price by themselves. If the world's largest economy withdraws from the UPU, it means that more than 190 other countries will have to negotiate their own freight rates with the United States.



Moreover, Donald Trump said that UPU will be given 12 months to implement this change, but more than a year has passed, everything is still the same, and the United States is still in the UPU. Why? Because the UPU took urgent action, held a meeting and reached an agreement with the United States, the United States can now charge up to 70% of exemple site shopify dropshipping postage. Even if the e-wallet disappears, China Post will put forward its own alternatives, and other suppliers will open their own fulfillment centers in the United States.



Therefore, neither the product saturation nor the policies of other countries will greatly affect the drop shipping business. As long as we choose the right products and abide by the business rules, it is not very difficult to carry out drop shipping business.

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