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Some Questions about Dropshipping

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In cross-border e-commerce, many people choose to do dropshipping business, because they think there is no capital pressure, and no inventory pressure, and it seems to be simple and convenient operation. The key is that it does not need to stock up in advance. After the customer places an order, drop shipping sellers only spend money to buy the product from the supplier, and then the supplier is responsible for shipping it directly to the customer. But there are still some questions about dropshipping that people want to know.


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Does the Customer Know that the Product Is Shipped through Dropshipping?

Almost all the merchants from some platforms such as Ali Express and Amazon provide dropshipping services, so they are quite familiar with this business model. Now more and more users are using oberlo for dropshipping, and thousands of new sellers register it. Then what is drop shipping? In simple terms, it is to ship products directly to customers. The product does not go through your own hands, and it is always a little uneasy to be shipped by others. Then does the supplier put their store information in the package? Will they leave their own promotional information? Will they leave their contact information? For these issues, you can actually send a message to the supplier when placing the order or in advance, and ask the drop shipping supplier not to leave any relevant information. In terms of transportation, you also can ask the supplier to send E-mail and other faster logistics.



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Why Would Customers Buy from You? Isn’t It Cheaper on Ali Express?


The answer is very simple, because the information is not equal. You may be doing a better job of marketing. Customers see your product and website first. It is also possible that your brand is more trustworthy, and customers feel that buying from you will be more reliable. Also, your service may be better and you can establish a good relationship of trust with customers. Of course, there is one thing which is very important, that is,you never fight a price war. If you fight the price, can you defeat the supplier? Actually,there is no lowest price, and there is only lower price. Moreover, price is not the decisive factor for customers to buy or not buy your product. What you need is to focus on the marketing strategy, and consider how to build an amazing brand.




Whether the Customer Is Willing to Wait for a Long Time?


In fact, as long as you write clearly the shipping time and shipping rules on the website which can make customers have clear expectations about package transportation, they will accept it. Most customers will not have any opinions. Some buyers may leave the website after seeing the shipping time for so long, but some buyers will also say OK about the shipping time of dropshipping. The important thing is that the quality of dropshipping product is good enough, and buyers would like to buy it from you.



These problems are the most common in the dropshipping process. If you understand these issues, we believe you can be more clear about your dropshipping business.

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