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The Dropshipping Mode of CBD Products

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On July 30, 2019, the American Direct Selling Association (DSA) issued a memorandum informing all members of the association that "the sale of edible CBD products such as food, nutritional supplements, tinctures to humans and animals violates the code of ethics of the association." This has undoubtedly poured cold water on some American drop shipping companies who are vigorously promoting CBD products.


In fact, CBD is gaining momentum in the United States, especially in the fields of health food and cosmetics. Some popular dropshipping stores which focus on the development of CBD products have improved rapidly and attracted the attention of the industry.


In 2019, the boom of "CBD" even spread to China, and some listed pharmaceutical companies made high-profile layout to plant marijuana. However, China's industrial hemp is still under strict control, and the "leprosy" has not been blowing for a long time. Looking back at the United States, at the same time of the market boom, the voice of questioning from regulators and the public has never stopped. What kind of future will CBD go under such background?


CBD product dropshipping 

The Exploration of Dropshipping in CBD

It is reported that American dropshipping companies sold $300 million worth of CBD related products in 2018, among which squarespace dropshipping is the largest distribution channel of CBD. Some organizations predict that, in view of more and more dropshipping companies joining the CBD market, the sales volume of CBD products in the global wholesalers market may exceed US $1 billion by 2020. Why is CBD so attractive in the field of dropshipping?


Although CBD sales in the United States and other markets continue to be hot, consumers' understanding of CBD is far from enough and often misunderstood. The face-to-face advantages of clothing and fashions dropshippers and consumers are reflected at this time. This "intimate relationship" not only resolves misunderstandings, but also creates a loyal customer base. Recognizing this, some American jewelry dropshipping stores are active in the field of CBD products, and even the most successful dropshipping stores take CBD products as their main products.


It is worth mentioning that while more and more American general dropshipping stores join the CBD market, some Chinese dropshippers are also attracted by the CBD market. As the Chinese government has not opened up the industrial hemp market, they are planning whether they can use CBD to expand the international market.

CBD product dropshipping 

Despite the explosive growth of CBD in Europe and the United States, there has been continuous questioning about CBD in the market. Factors such as policy uncertainty, low public awareness, lack of effective regulatory mechanism and industry standards, lack of relevant scientific research, and exaggerated publicity of enterprises all affect the development of CBD market.


Overall, at least in the short term, the future of CBD in the U.S. market is still unclear. Therefore, we can see that more dropshipping online stores are cautious and not eager to enter the blue ocean market.

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