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The Dropshipping Service Process

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In the whole dropshipping transaction process, the organic dropshippers can achieve zero inventory. In the mode of dropshipping business, there are actually three roles: manufacturer, retailer, and customer.


Suppose that there is a store specializing in mobile phone accessories called phone outlet. This store does dropshipping directly through dropshipping wholesalers of wholesale accessories. Then the normal dropshipping sales will be divided into the following steps.



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Step 1 - The Customer Places An Order

Suppose A wants to buy a case for a new mobile phone and places an order in the phone outlet. After the order is approved, the following things will happen. Both natural products dropshippers and the customer A will receive a confirmation email for the new order, which is automatically generated by the dropshipping ecommerce website. The payment information of A is obtained during the checkout process, and the payment will be automatically transferred to the seller's bank account.



Step 2 - The Seller Places An Order with Its Supplier

The seller of the phone outlet sends the order confirmation email to the sales representative of its wholesaler. Because dropship cell phones suppliers has the credit card information of phone outlet. And then the credit card will pay the wholesale fee, including product price, transportation cost or order processing fee.



Step 3 - Wholesalers Send Products

Assuming that the product is in stock and the wholesaler successfully debits the phone outlet from seller's credit card, the wholesaler will package the product and send it directly to the customer. Although it is delivered directly by the wholesale products dropshipper, the name and address of phone outlet are printed on the return label, and its trademark is on the invoice and packing list. After delivery, the wholesaler sends the invoice and logistics tracking number to the phone outlet seller by email. In addition, most high-quality suppliers have the ability to process and send orders in bulk in a few hours, which allows retailers to still promise to deliver on the same day.



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Step 4 - Supplier Reminds the Customer of the Delivery After receiving the logistics tracking number, the seller of phone outlet will send tracking information to customers. At this point, the product is sent, the payment is received, the customer is informed, and the order fulfillment process is completed. The profit and loss of phone outlet is the difference between the fees paid by A and those paid by phone outlet to wholesale dropshipping suppliers.



Although dropshipper plays a key role in the whole order fulfillment process, for customers, the role of trendy dropshippers in this process is very slight. After receiving the package, customers can only see the return address and trademark of phone outlet. If A receives the wrong product, he will contact the seller of the store phone outlet, and the phone outlet will communicate with the wholesaler and send out the correct product.


Dropshipping wholesalers do not exist for terminal customers. The only task of wholesalers is to stock up and deliver products. All other things, including marketing, website design and customer service, are the responsibilities of retailers.

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