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The Impact of Advertising on Dropshipping

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Nowadays, many people use Facebook ads as the main traffic source when teaching amazon seller dropshipping. Perhaps you may ask: If there is no Facebook, will dropshipping develop smoothly? 


First of all, you should know that dropshipping,as an online business model, has existed longer than Facebook. It has to be acknowledged that Facebook ads have played a very good role in the development of formation shopify dropshipping, which can make more products be pushed to the right people.


There is no doubt that people will use Facebook ads to see more dropshipping products, as almost no other advertising platform can provide the same precise target ability as Facebook. Although Facebook ads are very important in the development of dropshipping, there also exists many other potential traffic sources.




Google Ads

Google advertising may be the place where you are most likely to see development potential besides Facebook. Google has a specific classification called Google Shopping, which allows many stores to deliver various most popular dropshipping products on Google website. Moreover, the Google advertising is not only for shopping activities, the customers can also conduct Google search, Google display and YouTube activities. These channels often provide themselves to more concentrated products or related products.




Microsoft Advertising 

Microsoft advertising will provide many choices of the same type, such as finding suppliers for dropshipping. Although they do not have the same amount of traffic, Google's comprehensive coverage is much larger than people think. Microsoft advertising has a great feature, that is, their settings are similar to Google advertising. You can directly import some of the same activities or goals into the prepared Microsoft platform, which makes it easy to mix all kinds of traffic and become a good traffic source. If your best oberlo products perform well in Google activities, then you can find some other channels to expand your traffic and sales.



Pinterest Ads

Pinterest has great potential for entrepreneurs with the best dropshipping business, because most of them have succeeded in the past. But before trying this kind of advertisement, you need to have a certain understanding of Pinterest.


Due to the special nature of the users on this platform, it is difficult for many dropshipping ecommerce business to succeed on this platform. According to demographic data, this platform has a great influence on women and younger people. This is actually a good thing, because women usually shop online more often than men. For example, if you open a kitchen utensils store and want to successfully sell the products on this platform, you must ensure that your stores and dropship kitchen products can meet the needs of these audiences. Compared with Facebook, this platform has poor target positioning ability, so only products with popular appeal and greater profit margin can be developed here.

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