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The Mode of Dropshipping

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Independent sellers who own cross-border e-commerce companies must be familiar with the drop shipping model. But, is this model suitable for everyone? What is dropshipping on earth? In this article, we will talk about the mode of dropshipping.


mode of dropshipping

What Is Dropshipping?

It seems that direct drop shipping is a very simple direct selling model, and you don’t need to worry about inventory issues. You only can directly find some dropshipping platforms and dropshipping factories, and pre-select the products you want to sell, and do market research on the feasibility of the products, and finally negotiate with suppliers and sign a cooperation agreement. Suppliers provide you with good product data. You can put the products on your own website or third-party platforms for sale. At this stage, as long as you can find a suitable and reliable supplier, you will basically solve the product issue. Then you build an independent website or open a platform store, and put the product on the website. Basically, your website's direct sales model will get through. 


Is it really simple? In fact, we do not talk about whether subsequent independent website or platform orders can be made. Many sellers understand the dropshipping model only superficially. If you really do it, you may find that it is not just that simple, and you may spend a lot of advertising fees. Although the website has issued a lot of orders, the problem of product and customer complaints may make you very embarrassed, and the problem of goods return makes your work useless. Therefore, you had better find the professional dropshipping company to cooperate with and get to know more information about it before you prepare to do it.


Here we give you the tips that the website only needs simple configuration such as payment function, setting freight, customer membership management, order management, order email reminder, etc. Here we will not all listed here, of course, if you are interested in it and plan to do it, you may visit the website of dropshipping to get to know more information in details, there you can find the information you need. We believe that it will help for you if you want to do dropshipping business.



Characteristics of Dropshipping Customers

Generally speaking, dropshipping customers have the following characteristics.


1. The repurchase rate is high, and buyers will continue to use the brand, size, model of the product after choosing a product.


2. No phone calls, no business information is required, and the buyer and seller agree not to leave the contact information of each other by default.


3. Customers are not sensitive to prices, but buyers of large orders will expect sellers to give certain discounts.


4. There is high customer stickiness and long-term demands.


5. Customers prefer new products merchants with strong development capabilities and real-time updates.



dropshipping business

Maintenance of Dropshipping Customers

Sellers must do a good job of maintenance for dropshipping customers, and contact customers regularly, and you must actively push new products, fast logistics methods, and tap customer product needs.



In summary, dropshipping is not an absolutely simple process. But as long as you work hard in this industry, the rewards it can bring to you must be beyond imagination.

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