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The Process of Dropshipping in Europe

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We know that the dropshipping services can save sellers from stocking, shipping and other links, and it can improve the operating efficiency of the store. Now many European overseas warehouse companies also provide good dropshipping services to better meet the needs of cross-border sellers, which is called cross border dropshipping. Nowadays, more and more sellers choose the dropshipping model of overseas warehouses, as there are more advantages for dropshipping, now let us talk about dropshipping in Europe.



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What does the Overseas Warehouse Mean?

It means that the seller uploads the products of the third-party platform to his store. After a buyer places an order, the seller will feed back the order information to the overseas warehouse, and then the overseas warehouse will arrange the stocking, delivery and transportation. Of course, sellers can also transport their own goods to overseas warehouses for delivery.


The Process of Dropshipping

Step 1: The seller needs to find an overseas warehouse company that provides dropshipping services.

Step 2: The seller chooses what kind of products the store will list, and use the product data provided by the platform to upload to your store.

Step 3: After the buyer places the order, the seller pushes the information to the overseas warehouse.

Step 4: the overseas warehouse arranges the delivery of the product and finally the buyer confirms the receipt.


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What Are the Overseas Warehouse Companies that provide dropshipping?

1. One-stop logistics

One-stop logistics is good at optimizing the manufacturing supply chain and all aspects of international logistics, which can provide customers with one-stop logistics solutions. There are overseas warehouses in the United States, East, United States and Europe, Britain, France, Germany, Italy and West, which can provide FBA goods exchange standard and delivery.


2. Deloitte Overseas Warehouse

Deloitte overseas warehouses provide overseas warehouse services in Germany and France. The biggest advantage is that both German and French express deliveries are domestic freights, which are relatively cheap.



What Are the Advantages of Overseas Warehouse?


1. No Need to Stock up.

Because the seller uses the source of the third-party platform to upload the product to the store, there is no need to stock up, which can save the cost of the source.


2. The Process Is Simple and Fast.

Whether the seller pushes the order information to the overseas warehouse, or the overseas warehouse arranges the inventory and delivery, all operations are automated, very simple and fast. The transit time is also relatively fast.

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