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Try to Avoid the Facebook Ban

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Perhaps some people are worried about using Facebook as a business platform. In 2018, Facebook began to ban the advertising accounts of dropshipping business for sale. There are many reasons for this result. People who want to dropship through Facebook are thinking of other ways, should we give up the lojas shopify dropshipping plan and turn to other platforms? Is there any way to avoid the Facebook ban?


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The Most Important and Crucial Solutions

1. Improve Product Authenticity 

One of the reasons why Facebook prohibits some amazon to eBay dropshipping accounts is that some people sell inferior products. Therefore, when you sell products, make sure that the photos you show on the website are really. Although dropshipping does not require any inventory, it does not mean that you cannot keep a product, so you'd better ask for some samples from your ebay dropshipping suppliers.


After getting the sample, you can better display real products through photos, and many potential customers will be attracted by clear pictures. If your product is completely different from your advertisement, consumers will report you to Facebook, and Facebook will also send a survey to some people who buy eBay dropshipping tools from Facebook. If the survey of your store evaluation is not good, it will have an adverse impact on your account.


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2. Publish Advertising or Social Content Correctly

You should pay much attention to the quality of your amazon FBA dropshipping posts and avoid some bad advertisements such as featuring politics, religion or discrimination. Moreover, staying away from advertisements on tobacco, sex and other sensitive topics and of course some negative information are also very useful for your social media.



3. Check the People You Add and Tag

If some people want to add you as a friend, you should pay attention to them and make sure that these people also know you. If you randomly post too much Friend Request, Facebook will consider your requests as spam and also avoid publicly asking for comments and exchanging prizes, because these topics are not allowed.


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4. Don't Send Spam

It's best to post some real order requirement dropshipping content instead of spam. It's best to take photos and videos in a unique way. When promoting your products, don't send private information to random people, because every Facebook user has an average number of messages used, and don't post continuously in the group. And other tips include using a separate business account, sticking to shorter links and sticking with positivity and your best items to dropship on ebay matter.



If these mistakes are related to the quality of your one product dropshipping and the transportation time of packages, this is the supplier's reason. In order to avoid such mistakes, you need to find a reliable supplier and to check the quality of oberlo products to sell regularly.

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