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What Are the 5 Dropshipping Platforms You Should Know in 2020?

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Compared with the traditional e-commerce industry, a large number of dropshipping companies have a soft spot for direct selling on the Internet. Dropshipping companies and dropshipping suppliers are keen on the Internet. The most important reason to carry out dropshipping selling is that dropshipping companies have a large number of ready-made members, which can completely solve the problem of member data most needed by e-commerce websites at the beginning.


Dropshipping selling seems to be the simplest and ideal business plan in today. For many people who wish to become an entrepreneur, not requiring a large upfront investment is an attractive option.


However, if you want to set up a top dropshipping store, there are still many obstacles to be overcome. The first point is to choose the right platform to build, run and develop your dropshipping business.


Therefore, you need to test the best wholesale dropshipping platform features including major dropshipping plugins, order tracking, synchronization with supplier inventory, returns, one-click product introduction, automatic order fulfillment, etc. According to these conditions, we have found 5 best e-commerce dropshipping platforms. These websites for dropshipping help you find the right solution for your business model.

What Are the 5 Dropshipping Platforms You Should Know in 2020? 

Shopify+Oberlo: The Wholesale Dropshipping Platform

Shopify is one of the most powerful e-commerce platforms, and it is also the entry for beginners.


Shopify has a wide range of advanced integration and upselling tools. Oberlo is a dropshipping plugin, which makes product import and order fulfillment easier. In addition, Oberlo is super user-friendly and can provide CRM integration and order tracking.


But this platform has some disadvantages. Additional integrations and plug-ins require extra fees. You also need to consider transaction costs, which may be very high for the initial business.



WooCommerce + AliDropship

The dropshipping website is the most popular choice for dropshipping companies, which provides a variety of free features. This platform is suitable for both large and small businesses to open popular dropshipping stores.


Users can customize the theme to control their own store. WooCommerce is a free and easy-to-install plugin, which is very suitable for users with web development experience. Auto shipping plugins like AliDropship can simplify store management. However, the platform also requires extra energy and skills to design.


Spocket + Shopify / WooCommerce

This platform is quick to install and is the best choice for dropshipping merchants in Europe and the United States. Compared with the express delivery of AliExpress, it can sometimes reduce the transportation time by more than half, and it is more affordable too.


With the simple user interface, you can connect your account with a Shopify or WooCommerce store in a few minutes.


If you plan to ship advanced products and top trending dropshipping products in the shortest time, you need to pay for them, since only a 7-day trial period may not meet your long-term needs.


What Are the 5 Dropshipping Platforms You Should Know in 2020? 


Avasam is a perfect alternative to Oberlo. It has all the features which are needed to start and develop a dropshipping business. This is a fully automated delivery platform that sells quality products from verified suppliers. Avasam develops rapidly and has many verified suppliers now. The downside is that payments via American Express are not processed.



Sale Source

This is an all-in-one e-commerce direct selling platform. Sale Source built-in a large number of different reports, which can be used to analyze your business in detail. The platform can help you effectively track sales channels and manage your business. The shortcoming is that the product catalog is relatively small and the subscription fee is high.


Each of the above platforms has its own characteristics. How to find the right platform depends on your personal skills and specific needs.

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