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What Are the Advantages of Overseas Warehouse Dropshipping?

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Nowadays, many small and medium-sized sellers who are engaged in cross-border e-commerce will choose to cooperate with distribution platforms that can provide overseas warehouse one-piece delivery. This can not only reduce sellers’ logistics and warehousing costs but also improve product delivery efficiency and enhance buyers’ shopping experience. Today we will share with you the advantages of drop shipping overseas warehouses.



1. No Need to Store Goods in Warehouses, No Financial Pressure

The leading supply chain implements a "zero" inventory operation model with one-for-one delivery, and the order is issued before payment. No need to stock up, no inventory risk, liberate capital pressure, reduce inventory risk, and build a cross-border supply chain system at zero cost.



2. Localized Distribution, More Competitive

Integrate resources such as customs clearance, logistics, and delivery to provide cross-border sellers with one-stop full logistics services and localized logistics delivery, thereby improving buyers' buying experience and enhancing sellers' product competitiveness and brand influence.


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3. Faster Delivery Time and Lower Logistics Costs

Integrating diversified logistics resources can help sellers deal with various emergencies. With internationally well-known express UPS, TNT, DHL, FedEx, we can deal with it calmly whether it is large-volume delivery or small-volume emergency delivery. The average delivery time is 2-5 days so that the seller's products can be guaranteed time and effectiveness.


4. Powerful Warehouse Management Helps Sellers Improve Operational Efficiency

Based on the powerful warehousing and order management system, the leading-end supply chain overseas warehouse one-piece delivery can help sellers improve the efficiency of sorting and packaging, and ensure that the order number is issued within 24 hours.


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5. Professional Customer Service Team Reduces After-sales Risks

We have a professional and mature customer service team, which can promptly and effectively solve customer problems (such as missing parts, bad parts, wrong parts, complaints caused by factors, product descriptions, and handling returns and exchanges), reduce product refund rate, return rate, complaint rate, and other issues. We continue to provide drop shipping services for multiple e-commerce platforms such as Shopify dropshipping, Amazon dropshipping, eBay dropshipping, apa itu dropship, etc., and have received good praise.




The above is demonstration of the advantages of overseas warehouse drop shipping. We provide cross-border sellers with factory direct supply and overseas warehouse drop shipping services to solve sellers’ difficulty in product selection, limited funds, high service thresholds for overseas warehouses, and after-sales services. Difficult series of business problems have been distributed in most countries including Europe, America, Australia, and so on.



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