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What Are the Benefits of OXXO When Dropshipping?

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Do you want to use Shopify in Mexico but cannot find the best payment provider? Do you also want to add OXXO service to your dropshipping store? This article briefly introduces OXXO and the benefits of using it for shopify dropshipping stores.


What is OXXO?


Headquartered in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, OXXO is the largest chain of such stores in Mexico, with more than 13,000 stores in Latin America.


OXXO payment is a very popular voucher option for online purchases in Mexico. You can use OXXO voucher invoice to pay at all convenience stores in Mexico. OXXO is almost the same as Brazils Boleto and other payment methods, but the difference is that OXXO is limited to Mexico.


Mexicans like to use vouchers for online shopping. Although they also pay with credit cards, bank accounts, etc., more than 40% of customers look for practical dropshipping stores that provide coupons as a payment method. In view of this, if you want to sell online in Mexico, then OXXO payment is the best option.


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Is Shopify Allowed in Mexico?

The answer is yes. Fintech company EBANX provides payment solutions for all regions in Latin America. This allows dropshippers from Mexico to safely and easily accept payments through all payment methods.


The partnership between EBANX and Shopify is constantly evolving, and the relationship will continue to strengthen in the future. By using EBANX, wholesale products dropshippers can sell to Mexican customers with just a few steps.


How to use Shopify? After entering all required basic information on its official website, you can start to create your shopify dropshipping store. After all the product settings and store design are completed, you can go to the payment option and choose EBANX as the payment provider. Shopify Mexico allows all fast dropshipping suppliers to provide continuous assistance around the clock.



The Benefits of Providing OXXO

Adding OXXO payment into your successful shopify dropshipping store will greatly promote the dropshipping business.


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1. Increase Sales.

As mentioned earlier, almost 40% of people in Mexico tend to use payment voucher as a payment method. When you accept OXXO in an e-commerce store, it is actually very helpful for expanding your online business. With this OXXO, you can build trust with customers.


2. Voucher Customized by EBANX.

Fully customized voucher by EBANX is another feature provided to customers by OXXO payment. The voucher is responsive, well-designed, and has an email reminder function. With OXXO vouchers, you will get benefits.


3. Security.

OXXO offers a 100% safe choice. This is why Mexican customers can safely purchase from free dropshipping sites.



How Does OXXO Payment Work?

This is a very simple and safe procedure.


1. When customers purchase items to dropship, they choose OXXO option. This option indicates that the product is purchased using the voucher option.



2. The customer will obtain the voucher from OXXO. The voucher will contain all the information used to complete the order.



3. The customer goes to the nearest store and provides the coupon to the store. The store will scan it and tell the customer to pay the total price. EBANX provides geolocation capabilities so customers can find the nearest OXXO store to pay for coupons.


4. After the payment is confirmed (it may take 1 working day), the customer will receive a confirmation notification in the store or email so that you can ship to them.


If customers are not satisfied with your dropshipping branded products, or there is a problem with the goods or services, they can contact your store or directly contact EBANX to request a refund.


Such simple steps can help you successfully operate your dropshipping store in the fastest time. Mexico’s unique market can sometimes give you more confidence in selling.

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