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What Are the Precautions for Footwear US Drop Ship Footwear Intl Corp?

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Consignment is a form of logistics. It refers to the service that the shipper entrusts a company with consignment qualification to transport the goods to the designated place and deliver it to the designated consignee. According to the different shipping methods, it can be divided into spocket dropshipping, land shipping and air shipping.


Whether it is a physical store or an online store, for small businesses, drop ship has many advantages. Most customers buy whole boxes and wholesale boutique clothing. But if you need to buy in small quantities, please consider trying the drop ship option.


There are three factors to consider when making decisions about outsourcing and using drop ship.


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1. The first one is whether logistics outsourcing conforms to the development strategy of the enterprise. From the perspective of achieving strategic goals, some companies' self-operated logistics can also effectively promote their strategic goals. Some companies ignore their development strategies and blindly outsource them, but they cannot monitor the performance of logistics services and control logistics costs, and fall into a logistics trap that is difficult to extricate themselves from. As a result, it reduces the competitiveness of enterprises.


2. See whether logistics outsourcing affects the core competitiveness of the enterprise. If it affects, it is better to operate by yourself.


3. See whether logistics outsourcing can improve the economic efficiency of logistics. If logistics outsourcing has benefits, then choosing outsourcing is the right choice. For example, the economic benefits of dropshipping general stores and top dropshipping stores are not completely comparable.


After considering three factors when outsourcing and using dropshipping, we begin to understand some of the basic functions of Drop Ship using FootwearUS.


Only Buy What You Need

With Drop Ship from FootwearUS, you only need to order the products you intend to sell, even if you dropship a pair of shoes and dropship a single bottle of perfume. You don’t have to carry a lot of inventory, but you still have access to the entire product catalog. For example, if you sell top trending dropshipping products to different customers, then Drop Ship from FootwearUS is the right choice. But it does not support the fulfillment of Amazon, eBay, Bonanza, Wal-Mart and backlog orders.


We Offer "Blind Drop Ship"

We will send orders to your customers directly from dropship warehouse. In order to save time in processing returns, we can consider packaging the return label with the product. If the product does not meet the customer's expectations, what you do is provide them with a frictionless experience. If necessary, we can also send the goods directly to you.


Free Shipping to U.S. Addresses

The Drop Ship option is much more expensive than ordering unfinished inventory or full box packaging, but your business advantage may offset the cost. Remember, at least you can only buy what you need.


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Sign Up and Start Drop Shipping

First complete the online application for and After reviewing and approving the FootwearUS application and providing all the requested information, your FazPaz distributor-specific direct sales discount code will be emailed to you. If you need to order in small quantities (paired in pairs) or large quantities (case pack), you can also view favorable spot and FCL pricing on FootwearUS.


Placing a Drop Ship Order 

Select the Drop Ship option under the "Shop" category, or click the Drop Ship selection option on the homepage. Then enter the retail dropshipping shop and purchase any product at a specific price (using a specific drop ship discount code for specific dropshipping distributors).

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