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What Should We Pay Attention to When Using Shopify+Dropshipping+Facebook Model?

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dropshipping business suppliers

With the increasing traffic costs of Amazon and AliExpress, independent stations have become a major trend of overseas e-commerce. Under this background, shopify suddenly developed and even became popular in foreign dropshipping program for ebay. 


People have a good idea that they can easily make a lot of money by using shopify+dropshipping+Facebook mode.


The first step is to build the best dropshipping websites with shopify. The second step is to select a product and find a supplier on AliExpress. The third step is to select the dropshipping mode, install an Oberlo in the shopify APP store and import suppliers and products into the shopify backend . The fourth step is to get traffic on Facebook and finally make a lot of money.


The advantage of getting started with dropshipping is that you don't have to worry about packing, delivery, logistics, etc. As long as a customer comes to your store to place an order, shopify backend will send the order to the best dropshipping supplier, finally the supplier will package and deliver it directly to the customer.



dropshipping business suppliers

Three Tips of Dorpshipping

1. Traffic Resources

Shopify's website is very simple and it saves the cost of delivery and logistics, so there must be many competitors. How do customers come to your online store to buy your dropship hemp products? You will get low profits if the price of products is cheaper than others.If there's a lot of traffic coming from SEO and social networking sites, it means that there's a lot of ad investment or operational work. Therefore, the basic principle of setting up the shipping mode is that the better the traffic resources, the more money you can make.


2.The Importance of Choosing Products

First of all, you have to choose products with potential sales. If you want to sell a dropshipping Korean beauty product, you can check the Adwords of your selected product in Google keyword planner, which will show how many people are searching this product at that time. Moreover, it can accurately determine where these search people come from, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Russia, Canada, or North America, Asia, etc. It can also precisely know how many people have searched for this product in the past week, in the past month, or in the past year. If the search volume for this product can reach several thousand a month, then this is one of the best dropshipping products you can choose.


Secondly, you should choose the popular products. In the same sourcing situation, if your site does not have a clear traffic advantage, you must have keen eyes to choose popular direct sales products. But where can you find such things? TikTok advertising is a good choice. You can search for popular products, most of which are small items with controllable shipping costs. Then you can go to Aliexpress to find such products and add them to the Shopify product list.


dropshipping business suppliers

3.A Trusted Supplier                   

If the supplier is not good enough, it may have a negative impact on your direct shipping business. The following situations will make your website suffer severe damage.


If the packaging of the product is damaged, the consumer will return the product and demand compensation.


if the logistics and delivery are slow, the consumer will be eager to return the product.


If you keep receiving orders, but the dropshipping service supplier tells you that it is out of stock.



Although the operation of dropshipping is much simple, the skills are worth pondering. Therefore, you need to keep learning this knowledge to accurately grasp the direction.

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