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How Do We Serve Our Customers?
01. Shopify sellers (multi-category, and provide a platform for some small shopify sellers to centrally process their orders):
Customer Portrait
Have own operation team, multi-person docking (product selection, order processing, after-sales, finance)
There are many product categories which require
centralized quotation.
The order volume is relatively large and Multi-SKU, 
so it is difficult to process
Only need fast logistics
1. Need professional team to provide one-stop service.
2. The quotation is concentrated and fast.
3. Fast logistics.
4. After-sale service.
Case Introduction
Provide the one-to-one service team including one agent with one assistant to process orders, one sourcing and purchasing specialist and one after sale service personnel to ensure that all matters of the customer can be handled at the first time.
Every time the customer gives the products list, which include 10-20 products to be quoted. Basically, the customer will provide the quotation of different fast lines for the customer to choose within 24 hours, and ensure that the customer can quickly put into the test and promotion.

For products whose orders tend to be stable, we provide prepayment, advance preparation and free warehousing services to ensure that subsequent orders can be processed and shipping out within 24 hours.

To ensure the customer's shopping experience and feedback, and maintain the security of the customer's advertising account(Provide proof of delivery, return, overdue delivery, damage, etc).
02. Shopify seller (build independent shopify store for single product) customer portrait
Customer Portrait
Customers have their own operation team, multi-person docking (product selection, order processing, after-sales, finance)
Fast order volume: from 10-30 orders / day to 500-1000 + / day in a week
Only need fast logistics, but need to control the cost
1. Solve the supply problem (often need to customize, proofing, and quickly meet the low price inventory); 
2. Fast logistics.
Case Introduction
[During the epidemic period, the transaction volume was US $2 million for one and a half months]
The customer once provided a brand product Express link (an official brand store). We searched for the source of goods through our supply chain and 1688 within one day, but there was no result. After that, through the international station and pretending to sell express, the buyer added to the wechat of the brand side to negotiate the purchase source (the other party does not sell).

So we immediately searched the customer for a similar mask, and confirmed in advance with the logistics company the channel for sending a large number of facial mask products.

Confirm the similar mask and confirm the inventory and production status with the supplier (stock is only 3000).

After testing the quotation to the customer, the test order quantity broke out quickly (daily orders for the first five days: 55-290-775-535-30 orders; 
Orders after one week: 368-485-671-835-1276-2110-1800-3600-2400-600-138-219-60 orders). As there are not many products in stock, we continue to follow up the source of goods, and find new factories for customers to cooperate in production and support supply based on the original suppliers.

However, due to the outbreak of the U.S. epidemic, logistics was affected, and customers suspended promotion, resulting in unsalable inventory. However, we provided free warehousing service, during this time,
we handled the parts with problems and new logistics solutions were developed for customers at the first time.

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