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Cooperation time: 2018.3
volume: one product has nearly 10k-20k orders
Background: From Canada, he contacts us through Facebook
Main countries:

United States

Client needs:

Strong supply chain; Custom service; New products sourcing and best price; multiple fast shipping lines

After the cooperation:

1. Specialized sourcing skill helped us find a stable manufacturer for THOUSANDS OF PENDING ORDERS.

We received a quotation request for a product that already sold $400000 within one and a half month. After our research, most manufactures, including the brand owner, were not able to supply that quantity of goods after using all of our effort.

Then, thanks to our brilliant Sourcing specialist, he made it possible to have multi factories providing a similar substitution with a far much lower price than before, which provides the same function and similar package. It helps our client made another 16,000 orders in the following 20 days.

2. To solve the logistic problem under the pandemic, we offered multi-shipping method to our client.

During the fast expanding of COVID in US, lots of carriers were not able to make it delivered within a month. We prepared stock in advance, and emergently negotiated with cooperating carriers to set exclusive shipping lines for the item to make it within 20 days, which made his business growing exaggeratingly fast.

3. It’s unavoidable that some orders delayed or returned by the customs, which was perfectly

solved with our in-time custom service. According to the feedback from our client, there were almost no dispute or 1-star comment afterwards.

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"China's largest B2C Internet operation service provider — factory integration with more than 5,000 foreign trade supply capabilities and rapid delivery capabilities for 100,000 conventional products, meanwhile, real-time inventory updates"

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